10 Intense Extraterrestrial Storms

We tend to think of other planets as cold, lifeless wastelands where nothing of note ever happens. In the past few decades, however as we’ve been able to more closely study the other members of our Solar System, we have discovered that there’s much

Top 10 Weird things People Believe In

We all like to think of ourselves as rational beings with carefully considered, deeply thought-out beliefs. Which is great, except for the fact that we’re actually irrational, superficial, and extremely easily fooled – how else could you explain some of the following beliefs some

Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in 2015

Ever wondered what are the best paid jobs in the United States in 2015? The following list takes into account the median income for each particular job and will give you a general idea of how valued different professionals are. 10. Pharmacist – $116,500

Top 10 Hottest Body Doubles in Hollywood

Whether it’s stunt doubles for the more dangerous scenes, or body doubles, for the scenes in which they don’t want to reveal everything to the camera, actresses often have to use stand-ins. We’re talking gorgeous Hollywood movie stars here, so these doubles have to