10 Amazing Concept Cars

One of the best ways to look towards the future, aside from trying to develop a time-machine, is by having a stroll through the stands at a car convention and taking a look at the showcased concept cars. The car manufacturers may not use the most practical technology to produce these concept cars, but they do actually imagine brand new inventions and possible future tendancies. For instance, the Mercedes S-class is credited for always featuring technologies that would eventually be used by all other production car on the market.

So, have a glance at the 10 most amazing concept cars ever developed!

10. Mercedes Benz F-015

Mercedes Benz F-015

Mercedes know sthat to business men around the world it is more important to be driven than to drive. And they’ve addressed such an issue with this car concept. This rather large limousine is a hydrogen-electric hybrid with 272 horsepower and 200 pound feet of torque. That gives it enough power to go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 6.7 seconds. The ‘Luxury in Motion’, as it was dubbed, has a driving range of almost 700 miles while being totally green, only emitting water vapours.

9. Audi Urban Concept Car

Audi Urban Concept Car

This tiny bug of a car made of carbon fibre will not be breaking any world speed records any time soon. It weighs only 480 kilograms and it can only carry two people. You must keep in mind that it was designed for inner city drives. As such, the 45 mile radius seems reasonable enough and having a battery pack that is inductively charged means that you will not need to plug it in every time you finish a drive.

8. ErinGo


The ErinGo is a ring shaped electric vehicle that may look unstable and about to topple at any given time, but has a gyro system that keeps it in check and even two side wheels for extra support through the turns.The interesting part is that it has two steering wheels, with either one of the passengers being able to drive it.

You can find LOVOS, TOYOTA VF2, NISSAN BLADE GLIDER and AUDI AVATAR on the next side!

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