10 Awesome Super Heroes Without A Movie

It’s all about super heroes right now! Iron Man, Avengers, Captain America; who knows what’s next? Well, I think we all know what’s not. Superhero films make millions upon millions of dollars every summer, regardless of the character spotlighted. The latest trio of Batman movies, Captain America movies and such serve as an example of the genres importance and profitability in the modern era.


Then, there are the superheroes that have either been forgotten or never even known to the majority of those in the public who do not routinely visit comic book stores. That list includes a couple of characters who have not technically been superheroes in that they have not been associated with massive projects as have the likes of Superman, Spiderman and Batman.

list of superheroes

I think these 10 super heroes would look interesting on screen!


10. Booster Gold

It has been heavily rumored that it is a matter of when and not if a Booster Gold series hits cable television in the United States, and that would be just fine with me. The one problem with the notion is that producers would have to find the proper actor who could pull off the idea of the hero who is a glory-hog and so full of himself before realizing what’s important.

9. Jessica Jones

female superheroes - Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones will get her live-action television series debut on Netflix later on this year, and the incredible Krysten Ritter will be playing the role of the main character. Why not put Ritter in that exact same role but under the umbrella of a movie script?

8. Sue Storm

women superheroes - Sue Storm

There was a time when Jessica Alba playing Storm in a movie that centered around the character would have done major box office business, but all involved have since moved on. Storm now seems destined to be nothing more than part of a team rather than a top figure in a film, and thus casual fans will likely never learn the complete story of the character.

7. Spider-Woman

women superheroes - Spider-Woman

Jessica Drew is an entirely different character from a different comic universe, and her story could be told in a series of movies that would draw fans to theaters if the right female actress was cast to portray the superhero. The popularity of the Spider-Woman story has experienced a decline over the years, however.

6. Luke Cage

Luke Cage

A Luke Cage movie had been rumored to be in production for roughly an entire decade, but it never saw the light of day. Cage has since been relegated to an upcoming Netflix show, and whether or not the character will ever get a movie of his own remains unknown. I’m thinking Dwayne Johnson would carry the Luke Cage brand into the mainstream.

5. Black Canary

girl superheroes - Black Canary

In a world in which the majority of female superheroes are afterthoughts, we could be decades away from a Black Canary project being even slightly considered by any studio. The story could be interesting depending on which route writers went with the character. The character deserves to get at least a mention in some upcoming superhero flick, perhaps as the other half of a pairing that also included Green Arrow.

4. Green Arrow

Green Arrow

Movie projects centered around Green Arrow quickly disappear upon that news hitting the public. Green Arrow has been a character on television shows and he also has his own show, but odds are that he will be but a secondary figure in movies. There are people in Hollywood who believe for whatever reasons that the public just would not spend their money on a Green Arrow film.

3. Deadshot


Deadshot is not technically a superhero. What you have to remember is that there are storylines where the character does, to steal a term from pro wrestling, make babyface turns, and that would make everything from his days with the Suicide Squad up through his personal life that includes Deadshot having children an interesting movie script to produce.

2. Supergirl

female superhero - Supergirl

Laura Vandervoort could be ideal for the Supergirl movie, at least in the eyes of those who watched the TV show. She also had the ideal look that those making such a movie would want from the leading character. It is now too late to make such a movie, so those of us who were Smallville fans will forever be left wondering what could have been in such a film.

1. Robin


The story of Robin is a classic tale in the world of comics. A young man is witness to a horrible wrong, and he vows to get revenge for those who he lost and also for his own peace of mind. That he has been linked with Batman has been him a secondary figure has led to his story becoming more of a background tale than one worthy of being cast under the spotlight.

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