10 Cities Where Airport Taxi Should Be Avoided

For the those who don’t arrange travel transportation, a taxi seems the quickest way and the easiest to get around; but be careful, because around the world you can find cities with the highest airport taxi fares you ever saw. Some cities are known to charge per kilometer a pretty high price, that’s why traveling to these cities and taking a cab there isn’t recommended.

So, if you’re making vacation plans already, you’d better pay attention.

10. Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia

For those who want to visit the capital of Russia they have to take a plane flight to Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo or Vnukovo. Close for some, but when you consider that from Vnukuvo to the city you have 28 kilometers to travel, you should think twice when calling a taxi. The taxi fare could make a big hole in your wallet, considering that the fare is $3,46/km.

9. Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

On the 9th place we have another European capital, Madrid, where the taxi business is blooming.Due to the fact that the city’s airport is one of the busiest in the country, the taxi fares here a little higher and a drive from the airport could set you back a lot of cash. Depending on the route and the hour you arrive at the airport you could easily pay hundreds of dollars on a taxi fare.

8. London, UK

London, UK

Another famous European capital, London will charge you $3,67/km for taxi fare, but the problem isn’t the fact that this is a very expensive charge per kilometer, is the fact the London City has many airports and the international, for example are the busiest in the world. Taking a cab from one of these six airports will cost you a lot of money, giving you the chance to think twice before taking a taxi.

7. Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand

Fling on another continent, we came across the Auckland, New Zealand taxi fares that could easily leave you with no spare money.The airport from Auckland is situated 21 kilometers far from the city and many more from other larger cities that use this airport. The fare for taxis here are on average $3,71 per kilometer, costing you around 78 dollars just to arrive in the city from the airport.

6. Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand

Another airport that is located in New Zealand and has high airport taxi rates is the Wellington airport.Even though the fare is $3,75/km you have to ride 5,5 kilometers from the airport to the city center, making a couple of minute ride worth almost 20 bucks. But this fare is high enough because the capital of New Zealand and the second biggest city in the country beats all the European capitals and the biggest American cities, making this Wellington a profitable taxi market.

5. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is serviced by 4 airports and the one that is nearest to the city is the Tullamarine Airport, located at 23 kilometers from the city center. Being the second busiest in the country, the airport has a lot of passengers coming here yearly and the taxi fare scares them all. With $3,77 per kilometer the fare will take out of your pocket almost 80 bucks for a ride to the city center.

4. Perth, Australia

Perth, Australia

Another Australian city, Perth, is supported by two airports.With an airport for charters and general aviation, located in the suburbs, Perth is served by the airport with the same name which is used for regional domestic and international flights. Located in the east part of the city, you have to take a taxi fare to the city center that consists in 12 kilometers. So far so good, but when you think that the fare is $4,05/km almost fifty bucks is too much for a 12 kilometer ride.

3. Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Number 3 on the list of the most expensive taxi fares in the world is located in the Sydney, Australia, the most populous city in the country.The Kingsford-Smith Airport is the place where you will land in Sydney and from here the taxi ride will charge you $4,23/km. So if you want to ride to the city center the amount of money for the fare sums up to $34.

2. Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand

With a population that goes easily over 12 thousand people, Queenstown is the second city on the list of the highest airport taxi fares. With several airports, private, commercial and international, the resort town in New Zealand has a pretty large taxi fare per kilometer. Charging on an average $4,38 per kilometer the taxi fare here will definitely shock you upon your arrival at the destination.

1. Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand is the third most populous city in the country and is served by Christchurch International Airport, located in one of the city’s suburbs. Taking a taxi in this city is pretty expensive and the starting price for a fair here is $4,5/km, making it the highest fare in the world. Taking a taxi to the city center will take you approximately 12 kilometers and almost and over the 50 dollar range.

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