10 Crazy Guinness Book Records

People are really wild about being different and well known; they’d do anything to achieve those goals. In that context, I’m guessing the Guinness Book of Records will never fade away, as we won’t let it.

People find the idea of world records to be a fascinating subject, so let’s talk about that. Here’s a list of the crazies Guinness Book Records and the people behind them. Some of these are hilarious, by the way.

10. World’s Fastest Toilet

World’s Fastest Toilet

That’s right. Someone decided that being in a hurry should refer to going to the bathroom as well; as women usually take longer to get ready, a buy decided to show them how it’s done. This is the world’s fastest toilet and it was built by a plumber and inventor, named Colin Furze. He;s also responsible for the world’s largest bonfire and the world’s longest motorbike, so I’m guessing he’s an addict. His toilet will do 50 mph and will flush while moving, in case you get that scared!

 9. Most Weight Balanced On Head

Most Weight Balanced On Head

I love the Mini, it’s cool. But, beyond that, I have to tell you lifting weights can harm your health if not done properly. But how about trying to balance something heavy on your head, like say.. a Mini! John Evans made worldwide news when he balanced the car on his head multiple times. Weighing in at 350 pounds, the car isn’t what you’d call light as a feather. Don’t try this at home!

8. The First Photographed Person

The First Photographed Person

This has to be the coolest accident ever. I mean, that guy was probably walking around, minding his own business, and stopped to tie his shoelaces. And he went on to be named the first person ever to be photographed; moreover, , the bloke probably never found out! Taken back in 1838, the picture probably took 10 minutes to complete which was a lucky coincidence with the fellow getting his shoes shined.But what about the shoelaces?

7. Most T-Shirts Worn

Most T-Shirts Worn

Does anyone remember that episode of Friends when Joey wears Chandler’s clothes? Well, this kinda like that but way more extreme. The record for the most T-shirts worn at one time by a single person has been broken numerous times, and it now stands at 257. The man behind it is a woman, named Sanath Bandara from Sri Lanka. How about that?

6. Most Fireworks Strapped To The Body

Most Fireworks Strapped To The Body

This one is pretty strange to me. Why would anyone strap fireworks to their body? Oh well, it seems that Todd DeFazio had fifteen roman candles and bottled rockets taped to his limbs, torso and head, and then lit them all at once. That sounds dangerous, but the good news is that DeFazio suffered no burns or injuries at all. Lucky!

5. Highest Dive Into The Shallowest Pool

Highest Dive Into The Shallowest Pool

Darren Taylor took a real dive from a starting point thirty-six feet high, into a pool that was just twelve inches deep. It kid of reminds me of That y70s show and the crazy stuff those kids used to pull. Fun times, but this particular stunt marked Taylor’s thirteen Guinness record. No worries, the guy is fine; Taylor works as a professional stunt diver.

4. Typing To The Number One Million In Words

Typing To The Number One Million In Words

Sounds strange, but Les Stewart of Australia managed to type all numbers from one to one million, and in words. Why? I’m not sure, but the impressive thing is that he typed the numbered words with only one finger. He began back in 1982, and completed the process in 1998. I’m not sure I’d have the patience for that. By the end of the project, he had used up seven different typewriters and nearly twenty thousand pages. Expensive!

3. Most Bottle Caps Removed By Forehead

Most Bottle Caps Removed By Forehead

Having a cold one with your buddies might be fun, but it can turn into a record. We’ve all probably opened a bottle to something at one point in our lives, but have you ever done it with your forehead? I’m not trying that, but Ahmed Tafzi of Germany has and he is currently the record holder for opening the most bottle caps with his forehead: over a dozen bottles. I’d rather drink my beer, thank you!

2. Largest Airplane Eaten By A Person

Largest Airplane Eaten By A Person

I sometimes feel really hungry, like I could eat anything. Some people take that literally, and such is the case with Michel Lotito who built a name for himself with the ability to eat many materials that were on anyone’s menu. Lotito did in fact consume glass, steel, light bulbs and other similar materials. During the 1990s, he ate an entire Cessna 150 airplane. A pizza sounds way better, right?

1. The Largest QR Code

The Largest QR Code

A corn field in London, England, currently holds the record for being the largest QR code in the world. Scan that with your phone and like it! The field is visible from Google Maps and has been downloaded and shared over one billion times, although it covers over three 310 square feet. Going into this corn maze wouldn’t seem any different on the outside; but once you get flying, things look a little bit different.

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