10 Dreamy Futuristic Yachts

When you’re rich, the sky’s the limit. This basically means that the oceans are you fun zone, and you may enjoy them in your runn of the mill luxurious yacht.  The ultimate means of transportation on sea, a futuristic yacht is basically the next level of showing off; furthermore, some of the vessels on this list are merely a concept at this time, so you could imagine that some rich folk already owns some of them – feel free to read “pre-order”.

When it comes to traveling, as long as you’re circling the world like a great adventurer, sipping from a glass of the finest champagne, you might want to do it on a ultra-luxurious yacht, rather than an ordinary one. So, if you got the cash, we got the perfect suggestions; here are the 10 most dreamy yachts out there.

10. Streets Of Monaco Yacht

Streets Of Monaco Yacht

Designed by England’s Yacht Island Design, this yacht is more like a small private island. I wonder if they have formula 1 cars sitting around.

9. Project Mars

Project Mars

This is a 295 foot jewelry on water with an exterior lounge connected to main saloon, enclosed living garden, back-lit bar, back lit onyx fireplace, glass bridge, VIP cabins, and a lot more to offer. IF it looks out of this world, it’s because it is.

8. Sovereign


Designed for kings, queens and monarchs, the Sovereign’s strict lines and well appointed detailing place it in a class where only the best is tolerated. I can already picture myself surrounded by hot babes.

7. Project Utopia

Project Utopia

Project Utopia, a collaboration between Yacht Island Design and BMT Nigel Gee, is an avant-garde vision of a future concept. I’m still figuring out how this project splits the seas.

6. Jazz Yacht

Jazz Yacht

The 128 m yacht designed by Zaha Hadid with Hamburg-based shipbuilders Blohm+Voss looks simply stunning, almost alien-like.

5. Lobanov Star

Lobanov Star

This yacht was  designed by Ignor Labanov to be unlike any other vessel, and it is; it somehow resembles ancient Greek ships, doesn’t it?

4. Glass Yacht

Glass Yacht

Obiously, this looks more like a building on water. Weird, yet practica; however, pulling down the shades won’t get you through a storm.

3. Adastra Yacht

Adastra Yacht

The 42.5m trimaran Adastra was launched in China on 11th April 2012, and it looks amazing! I truly envy the lucky owner.

2. Trilobis 65

Trilobis 65

The Trilobis 65 is a 20 mt long eco-yacht for six people, ideal for bays, atolls and sea parks. A bit like R2-D2, but for the open seas.

1. Lobanov Dream

Lobanov Dream

As the name states, this amazing yacht really is a dream. I’m not sure if the helicopter is included or not, but hey – this is the life!

watch more Futuristic Yachts in this video

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