10 Most Expensive Celebrities

Have you ever wondered who are the most expensive celebrities to book? At the most important events in your life, such as birthday parties, weddings and so on, you want to have the best entertainment. If you want your biggest idol to be at your party you have to pay extra!

Prepare to file for bankruptcy, as here are the most 10 expensive celebrities out there!

10. Justin Bieber – $1 million

Justin Bieber

You never thought that Bieber would ask for such an amount, right? Justin Bieber earned $1 million at a private party after performing an entire hour. I guess those image-altering processes cost him a great deal of cash, and self-respect.

9. Cher – $1.5 million


Cher takes advantage of her fame by charging $1.5 million for a private performance. Doesn’t matter she is 67 years old, she can  give a full performance that you won’t forget soon. Do you want this legend at your private party?

8. Beyonce – $2 million


By being a full artist and performer Beyonce can easily charge you around $2 million. Beyonce earned that title by performing at a private party of the Qaddafi family for the amount of $2 million. How would it be to have Beyonce performing at your birthday?

7. Jennifer Lopez – $2.5 million

Jennifer Lopez

For at least $1 million, J. Lo can perform at your private show. For $2 million she sang happy birthday to the Russian bureaucrat Alexander Yelkin. The highest she got paid was, when she was hired by the dictator-president of Azerbaijan and got $2.5 million.

6. Kanye West – $3 million

Kanye West

Hip-hop artist Kanye West charged the Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayey an impressive amount of $3 million, just to perform to the Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayey grandson’s wedding. I’m not much of a fan, to be honest.

5. Eminem- $3.3 million


Eminem is a true artist and performer, and a popular one at that. So, it’s no wonder that he got paid $3.3 million for 2 nights at the UK festival. Pretty cool, right? If you are as famous as Eminem, you can ask for more anytime you want.

4. Christina Aguilera – $3.6 million

Christina Aguilera

An investment bankers gave Christina $1 million to perform at his private party in San Diego. But the amount of $1 million is not the highest amount of money Christina received based on her performance. The highest she got was $3.6 million when she performed at the wedding of a Russian multimillionaire  just three songs.

3. The Rolling Stones- $4 million

The Rolling Stones

If you are The Rolling Stones, a $4 million gig is not that much. Just think about it, these are the guys with the most expensive concert tickets in the world. Would you like to have these rock legends in your home, at your private pool party?

2. James Earl Jones- $4.5 million

James Earl Jones

James Earl Jones, or Darth Vader – as Star Wars fans know him, can be paid to perform to private parties. If you are outside USA you’ll pay between $3 and $4.5 million to hire the actor. The “Dark Vader” voice is the second most expensive to book celebrities.

1. The Eagles – $6 million

The Eagles

$6 million just for a song- “Hotel California” from a private benefactor. True story: the concert was in New York and the boys had to play just a song. They got paid $6 million just for “Hotel California”, the private benefactor must really like that song. Awesome!

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