10 Fascinating Natural Phenomena

It’s hard to imagine how many surprises are hidden on our planet; we’ve barely scratched the surface, although we’ve been researching and inspecting our planet for centuries. Every once in a while a new occurrence, a life form or a natural phenomenon crops up that simply leaves us astounded with its beauty, and in some cases wrath.

Sure, we might not understand them and know what they are; but I guess beauty does not need any explanation. It’s not every day that such occurrences are caught on camera, though, so we must give credit where credit is due. Kudos to these photographers, who allowed us to enjoy these 10 fascinating natural phenomena!

1. Uncertainty

2. Aurora Borealis 

3. Painting The Needles Under The Geminids Meteor Shower 

4. Winter Trees In Fog At Sunrise 

5. NYC All Charged Up 

6. Supercell Highway 

7. Kilauea Volcano Lava Flow Sea Entry

8. Frozen

9. Wildfire 

10. Clearing Storm

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