10 Historical Landmarks List of Alien Origins

Conspiracy theorists are everywhere, and it seems they are slowly taking over the Internet. These people believe in aliens; although I’m not going to comment on that, I will say that stories of ‘alien encounters’ still emerge every day, with Area51 being at the center of most UFO sightings. But the most important question is this: could it be possible that our ancestors tried to tell us of alien existence by writing about in ancient texts and painting pictures about it? We’ll try to figure that out by going down the list of 10 historical landmarks which may or may not be of alien inspiration or origin.

10. The Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza

All reliable historical evidence  would make one believe that slaves built the pyramids; however, the location of the pyramids makes alien theorists go wild. The pyramids are located at the meeting point between the longest lines of latitude and longitude, which is odd since they were constructed in a time when people thought the Earth was flat. So, how did the Egyptians know how ti build at this exact location? I’m guessing someone told them.

9. Vimanas


The Mahabharata and Ramayana are ancient epics from India which depict a great battle that took place in the sky. Now, I’m not sure that was their version of sci-fi or if it’s a true story, butit seems the battle involved flying machines called vimanas, unknown creatures, nuclear bomb-like explosions, and powerful weapons. Any ideas?

8. Pacal’s Sarcophagus

Pacal’s Sarcophagus

Pacal the Great was the ruler of the city of Palenque during the seventh century. After his death, he was was buried in the Temple of Inscriptions and laid to rest in an intricate sarcophagus. This sarcophagus has become one of the biggest centerpieces of study for Mayan art, and many believe that Pacal is depicted as taking off in a spaceship holding the controls, with an oxygen tube in his mouth. That’s a bit too much for me.

7. Puma Punku

Puma Punku

The Puma Punku is located in the highlands of Bolivia ; these ruins include intricately carved scattered giant blocks. These are over a thousand years old, which is why it’s generally accepted that the tools to accomplish such craftsmanship didn’t exist at the time. Alien theorists suggest that people responsible were given the tools and advised by aliens, or the aliens created the stones themselves with advanced techniques in engineering. But, why?

6. The Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines are said to have been created by the Nazca people in Peru, who lived in the area from around 300 BC to 800 AD. These lines feature geometric shapes and animals, but the interesting part is that these designs can only been seen from the air. So, how did they manage that? Mayans had no planes.. or did they?

5. The Sumerian Civilization

The Sumerian Civilization

The ancient Sumerians believed that their origin was an alien race called the Anunnaki, who came to earth from the planets and stars in order to mine for gold. They believed the Annunaki needed workers to help them mine for the precious metal, so that’s how the Sumerians came to be. But what did inspire this origin story for the ancient Sumerians? I mean, someone must have dreamed really big!

4. The Madonna with Saint Giovannino

 The Madonna with Saint Giovannino

Arguably one of the most famous pieces of art supporting the existence of aliens, this painting dates back to the 15th century and was painted by Domenico Ghirlandaio. All fine and dandy, but what’s up with that UFO in the background? Was Ghirlandaio painting an extraordinary event, or something common to stargazers of the time?

3. The Moai of Easter Island

The Moai of Easter Island

The moai consist of 887 giant human figures with large heads that guard the coastline of Easter Island. These stones have been dated to be around 500 years old, weighing over 14 tons, and standing about 13 feet high. The weight, fine craftsmanship and strategic placement of these objects have led historians to believe humans couldn’t have risen up to the challenge; not at that moment in time. So, who had the idea and put the bones to work

2. Stonehenge


Stonehenge has remained a mystery for thousands of years. How did the neolithic people from 5000 years ago knew where to place the rocks so that they were in a perfect, exacting alignment with the sun and moon? No one knows, and to make matters even more confusing, as of September 2014, researchers at Birmingham University have revealed they’ve discovered another level to the mysterious structures: an underground network of shrines, ancient burial sites and ritual structures whose significance has yet to be uncovered. Who, and most important, why?

1. The Bible

The Bible

The Bible is one of the oldest texts in the world. Scholars and researchers have attempted to verify its account of history and how it lines up with human history. The book of Ezekiel describes a chariot in the sky with fire and lights, being driven by “cherubs” as if the chariot was “gleaming metal.” Similar evidence of UFO-type suggestions in the book of Revelation, Deuteronomy, Ephesians, and Isaiah as well. So, would angels be aliens? I’d hate to explain that to small children!

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