10 Incredible Celeb Homes

It’s hard for celebrities to have a typical life, but I guess that’s life; it’s tough. Yeah, right! Residing in extravagant luxury and endulgint every whim doesn’t sound all that difficult to me. Perfect A-list choice properties include pools, tennis courts, gardens, amazing views, theatres, and even a landing strip for their planes. Some of celebs’ homes seem more like a 5-star resort or a tranquil retreat. I’ll trade my life for theirs any day of the week, and so woould anyone else. Here are 10 sensational and notable celebrity homes sure to make you jealous.

10. Sylvester Stallone, Beverly Hill Mansion | Incredible Celeb Homes

Sylvester Stallone, Beverly Hill Mansion | Incredible Celeb Homes

Complete with four stone fire places, four bedrooms, and five bathrooms, this mansion is stunning.  Sylvester Stallone purchased the property for $4.5 million, and the Spanish-Mediterranean style home features arched doorways, beamed ceilings, and a huge patio with outside dining areas. Let’s get cookin’!

9. Avicii, Hollywood Villa

Avicii, Hollywood Villa | Incredible Celeb Homes

Famous DJ Avicii lives in a fascinating villa located in Hollywood. The property creates an illusion of being suspended in air, with over 2,100-square feet of space and complete with all of the latest technology and an endless array of mirrored windows.

8. Rihanna, Barbados Villa 

Rihanna, Barbados Villa | Incredible Celeb Homes

Singer Rihanna decided to stick to her roots when she made her most recent house purchase. Located at the luxurious One Sandy Lane resort on the island of Barbados, Rhianna purchased a gorgeous mansion for nearly $22 million. The 10,000-square-foot home comes with private elevators and underground parking, a grand lobby with a spiral staircase, private gym, and multiple verandas with amazing sea views. Sweet!

7. George Clooney, Lake Como Charmer | Incredible Celeb Homes

George Clooney, Lake Como Charmer | Incredible Celeb Homes

Named “Villa Oleandra,” this stunning $30 million, 25-room villa will take you’re your breath away. The home was built in the 18th– century, and hosts a romantic feel as it’s surrounded by beautiful flower beds inside landscaped gardens, and stunning views. Inside, the home is just as dreamy, as it’s full of ornately carved ceilings, and dramatic art work. Moreover, The actor filmed part of Oceans Twelve at his lakefront home, which adds even more cool points!

6. Conan O’Brien, Pacific Palisades Pad 

Conan O’Brien, Pacific Palisades Pad | Incredible Celeb Homes

Aerial Shots of Conan O’Brien’s 26 million dollar home that is getting a new pool that’s currently under construction. January 9, 2012 EXCLUSIVE

Hilarious talk show host Conan O’Brien recently sold his pricey mega-mansion in Pacific Palisades. According to E! Online, O’Brien purchased the 11,600 square-foot home for $19.5 million. The home was complete with 6 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms, 10-foot ceilings and 6 fireplaces. It also came with a state-of-the-art screening room or his 60-foot long veranda located in the back of the house.

5. Tiger Woods, Jupiter Island Castle 

Tiger Woods, Jupiter Island Castle | Incredible Celeb Homes

This $60 million home on Jupiter Island in Florida belongs to Tiger Woods. The property stretches from the Intracoastal Waterway to the Atlantic Ocean, and is full of many amenities. There’s no question that Tiger Woods would have his own golf course, a 4-green golf course actually, and the grass is immaculate as well. There’s also a 100-foot lap pool, a 60-foot diving pool, spa, and tennis and basketball courts.

4. Taylor Swift, Rhode Island Beauty 

Taylor Swift, Rhode Island Beauty | Incredible Celeb Homes

Super famous country-pop star Taylor Swift purchased a posh waterfront property in Watch Hill, Rhode Island last year. According to Forbes, Swift dropped close to $17 million cash, for the Colonial-style mansion. Swift’s posh 11,000 square-foot, 4-story dig has 8 bedrooms and 10.5 baths and sits on the highest point in Watch Hill. Surrounded by gorgeous water and picturesque views, this property also features a parking-lot sized motor court in front of the house, 8 fireplaces, an over-sized kitchen, a huge recreation room, and an expansive master-suite with two bathrooms.

3. John Travolta, Fly-In Florida Home 

John Travolta, Fly-In Florida Home | Incredible Celeb Homes

John Travolta, one of the most well-known actors out there, lives large in his Ocala, Florida home. Travolta’s house is a functional airport complete with 2 7500-foot runways for his private planes.The runways lead directly to his front door so he can have access to his planes at a moment’s notice and not get wet in case it’s raining. The house also has 6 bedrooms, a large pool, a guest house, a 16-car garage, a great room with a games table and curved window walls.

2. Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen, LA Estate 

Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen, LA Estate | Incredible Celeb Homes

This six-bedroom, 14,000-square foot house is constructed with limestone and slate, and filled with ceramic tile, brick, and marble to just name a few. Inside you will find a refined atmosphere illuminated by extravagant light fixtures and chandeliers. One of the most unique aspects of the property would be the pool, which is laid out to form the impression of a natural lake.

1. Matt Damon, Pacific Palisades Stunner

Matt Damon, Pacific Palisades Stunner | Incredible Celeb Homes

A-lister Matt Damon has the privilege of having the “best house in the Pacific Palisades.” The $15 million three-story mansion is located on a corner, private lot and was designed by Grant Kirkpatrick. It has 29,000 square feet, 35-foot-high ceilings, 7 bedrooms, 10 baths, and a 5 car garage. Other super-star features are a guest suite, spa pavilion, gym, 2 maids rooms, a koi pond, and lush landscaping.

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