10 Incredible Futurist Projects

In addition to being one of the richest people on Earth, Elon Musk has proved the critics wrong repeatedly, which is especially impressive considering the risky projects he undertakes. The companies that he’s built from scratch since PayPal, such as Tesla and SpaceX, tend to challenge the status quo in major industrial sectors with massive competition, some of which have been established for over a century. The following are the ten most intriguing, fascinating and even terrifying projects initiated by futurist Elon Musk. Check it out!

10. The Hyperloop

The Hyperloop

Public transit would consist of pods that hold around 30 people, travelling through tubes at speeds up to 760 miles per hour, ferrying passengers from distances as far as San Francisco to Los Angeles in just over half-an-hour. The hyperloop experience would be similar to taking off in an airplane, with an initial rush of acceleration followed by floating on a cushion of air, but with far less turbulence. What do you think?

9. Electric Jet Faster Than Sound

Electric Jet Faster Than SoundElon Musk is interested in using his experience with Tesla and other technologically-advanced vehicular projects to develop a revolution in jet planes. The jet he envisions would run on electricity, take off and land vertically and reach speeds greater than sound. In addition to reducing flight times and pollution, airports would need less space to harbor Musk’s proposed aircraft. Cool!

8. Teslas on Autopilot

Teslas on Autopilot

Elon Musk is teaming up with Google to completely change the way cars are driven around the world. Instead of the laser-powered sensors of Google’s creation, Musk believes that a series of optical sensors would be far more cost effective, with computers figuring out the best course of action according to visual cues rather than a radar-like system.

7. Coast-to-Coast Electric Supercharger Stations

Coast-to-Coast Electric Supercharger Stations

In order to make it possible to really enjoy a Tesla, Elon Musk wants to establish a series of quick charging stations that will make it possible to drive from coast-to-coast without filling up on gasoline. Each station will cost approximately $300,000 and will be capable of recharging a Tesla in about 30 minutes.

6. Robot Fuel Station Attendants

Robot Fuel Station Attendants

These robots will be responsible for swapping the Tesla’s lithium-ion batteries. The electric cells, weighing about 1,000 pounds each, are swapped quicker than a combustion engine can be filled with gasoline, making it easier and more convenient, a key selling feature for consumers. Consumers would borrow a battery pack at the cost of a typical tank of gas and simply swap their empty cells at charging stations.

5. Reusable Space Rockets

Reusable Space Rockets

The Grasshopper is the pet project of Elon Musk’s SpaceX organization, which is dedicated to the development of the most advanced jets and rockets in the world. This rocket is named after the insect due to the prototype’s mission to repeatedly hop to heights as high as 2,441 feet before safely landing in an upright position.

4. Spaceport for Intergalactic Commerce

Spaceport for Intergalactic Commerce

This would allow private companies to utilize rockets and jets to conduct business in space, perhaps even rocketing goods and people around the Earth. Thus, SpaceX would have its own launch facility for the Dragon rocket and other commercial spacecraft instead of having to use the bases at Cape Canaveral and Vandenberg.

3. Galactic Currency

Galactic Currency

One of Elon Musk’s original source of fortune, Paypal, is teaming up with the group at Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence in the development of PayPal Galactic – an intergalactic currency that can be used anywhere in the universe. This system would officially extend the economics of Earth into the solar system, allowing companies and tourists to have a payment option that would link with their account back home. So, are we expecting ET to come shopping?

2. Internet Service in Space

Internet Service in Space

PayPal Galactic will probably require a reliable way to hook up to the internet from Mars or any other of your favourite space destinations, so Elon Musk has gone ahead and started to create the internet of outer space. Aside from providing a communication network capable of delivering the internet to some of the poorest areas on Earth, satellites will eventually provide the backbone that connects the internet to other planets and moons.

1. A Colony on Mars

A Colony on Mars

Elon Musk wants to die on Mars. He’s planning on eventually starting a colony on the red planet. This settlement would hold up to 80,000 humans, beginning with a group of ten pioneers who would begin to set up the infrastructure before more people would join. Musk envisions a gigantic, reusable rocket fueled by a mix of methane and oxygen which would travel the same distance that light travels in just over three minutes.

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