10 Incredible Sea Arches

Sea arches are a spectacular phenomena created by Mother Nature. A soft rock eroded over millions of years as waves hit land, carving caves and tunnels in the rock. Some arches are accessible by beachcombers at low tide, while others can be reached only by boat and can be big enough to drive watercraft through. Feel free to admire these 10 incredible sea arches.

10. Arch Rock | Incredible Sea Arches

Arch Rock | Incredible Sea Arches

The 12 meter (40 foot) Arch Rock is one of several natural bridges on Anacapa Island, one of the Channel Islands archipelago off the coast of California. It’s a true natural beauty and is often used as the face of the Channel Islands.

9. Hopewell Rocks | Sea Arche

Hopewell Rocks | Incredible Sea Arches

Hopewell Rocks is a good place to get up-close and personal with sea arches. Located on Canada’s Bay of Fundy, this New Brunswick Province’s arches are on shore, which means that visitors can walk through the arches and picnic beside them at low tide.

8. Honopu Arch | Incredible Sea Arche

Honopu Arch | Incredible Sea Arches

Honopu Arch is the tallest arch in Hawaii. It can be found on the Na Pali coast on the island of Kaua’i. It is in an isolated part of the island, reachable only by boat and then swimming to shore as boats cannot dock here.

7. Azure Window 

Azure Window | Incredible Sea Arches

A breathtaking natural limestone arch with a flat top, the Azure Window is one of Malta’s top attractions. Situated on the island of Gozo, the arch has been featured in movies and television shows, and is a famous icon of Malta. Most people hike there, enjoying the extraordinary view as they go and then cooling off in the water.

6. Cathedral Cove 

Cathedral Cove | Incredible Sea Arches

Cathedral Cove is one of the top attractions on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. The area features two beautiful beaches separated by a huge rock arch. The cathedral-like arch gives the whole area an air of grandeur.

5. El Arco

El Arco | Incredible Sea Arches

El Arco is a golden-colored sea arch found at the tip of the Baja Peninsula near Cabo San Lucas. It is also called Land’s End because if one draws a straight line south, the next land it hits is the South Pole. El Arco is visible from all over Cabo.

4. Playa de las Catedrales 

Playa de las Catedrales | Incredible Sea Arches

Playa de las Catedrales, or Beach of the Cathedrals, near Ribadeo, Spain, is also known as the Playa de Aguas Santas because the rock formations of these multiple sea arches resemble the spires on cathedrals. Some of the arches and caves can be seen only at low tide.

3. Wharariki Beach 

Wharariki Beach | Incredible Sea Arches

Wharariki Beach is considered the gem of Tasman. Located at the northernmost edge of New Zealand’s South Island, it doesn’t get as many visitors as other Kiwi beaches, perhaps because it requires a walk through forests and over sand dunes to reach from the parking lot.

2. Legzira Beach 

Legzira Beach | Incredible Sea Arches

Legzira Beach, south of Agadir, is considered Morocco’s most unique beach, probably due to the gigantic sea arches that dot the beach. They are so big that a person standing underneath one at low tide will seem like a small doll.

1. Durdle Door | Amazing Sea Arche

Durdle Door | Incredible Sea Arches

Durdle Door is a sea arch that juts out from the Jurassic Coast of Dorset, England. It is privately owned, but is open to the public. Made of limestone, the arch is joined to land by a 120-meter (390-foot) long isthmus. This sea arch is accessible by foot.

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