10 Incredible Ways Technology Will Change Our Lives

Don’t give up on flying cars or hoverboards just yet, especially since patents and approvals are in the works. Keeping the pace with cutting-edge technology is both exciting, as well as an effort. Everything goes into development sooner or later, but there are those of us who dream about certain things; I wonder if anything on this list will fit your life. Nonetheless, here are 10 incredible technologies coming out of Sci-Fi movies!

10. Artificial Gills

Artificial Gills | future technology

Underwater breathing apparatus that doesn’t store oxygen, but extracts it from the water is one of humans’ oldest dreams. Israeli inventor Alon Bodner has come close; his device, named LikeAFish, works by using a centrifuge to lower the pressure of water within an airtight chamber, moving about 190 liters (50 gallons) per minute in order for the average person to breathe comfortably. According to Bodner’s website, the company spent 2012 designing a prototype, so it should arrive on shelves everywhere pretty soon.

9. Agricultural Robots | future technology

Agricultural Robots | future technology

Agricultural robotics are still in their infancy, and with unemployment expecting to rise it sounds like a bad idea. However, many companies worldwide are attempting to bring various types of robot farmhands to market, but obtaining funding, produce a product, and prove its viability is a bit difficult. One Boston company that was able to raise nearly $8 billion and developed a robot which performs manual labor, a Japanese research company has developed a robot that performs stereo imaging of strawberries to determine their ripeness before picking them, and MIT has a cherry tomato garden that is managed by a small crew of robots equipped with vision sensors. Help is coming!

8. Sunscreen Pills | future technology

Sunscreen Pills | future technology

An effective sunscreen that can be administered orally sounds pretty Sci-Fi, but one doctor claims that a fern extract, containing the compound polypodium leucotomos, can act as such. Scientists believe the compound can be isolated, and modified into a human oral sunscreen that would protect both the skin and the eyes. Could you believe that?

7. Paper-Thin, Flexible Computers and Phones

Paper-Thin, Flexible Computers and Phones | future technology

In early 2013, consumer electronics shows debuted a prototype by European firm Plastic Logic of a product called the Papertab. This is the cutting-edge technology of flexible phones, which have been discussed long enough. A fully functional, touch screen tablet computer that is not only as thin as a sheet of paper, but as flexible as one too, sounds really promising. the company predicts such devices to be available within 5 to 10 years.

6. Tooth Regeneration

Tooth Regeneration | future technology

Do you hate going to the dentist? So do I, so I ask you: how cool could it be to regenerate body parts, including teeth? It’s long been known that alligators are able to regrow lost teeth; an alligator’s tooth will grow back automatically to replace a lost one. This might be the solution to putting dentists out of business, with stem cells being used to achieve this in a lab. This might be my favorite scientific progress!

5. Holographic TV

Holographic TV | future technology

While Ultra High Definition TV is close to landing in your living-room, the next generation of TVs won’t have screens, but a viewing area. It could be a desktop display, or it could be an entire room – think holographic displays. Researchers at MIT have created a chip that can support a holographic display of 50 gigapixels per second, which means simulation of real world objects might be possible.

4. Real-Time Google Earth

Real-Time Google Earth | future technology

At RAL Space in Oxford, scientists are building two video cameras meant to be mounted on the outside of the International Space Station. They will be pointed toward the Earth and will provide a real-time, streaming, live video of the entire planet.

3. Wireless Electricity

Wireless Electricity | future technology

The notion of wireless electric power has been around far longer than one might think: Nikola Tesla might have perfected the technology a century ago if he had not been poor, unlucky, and ignored. Nowadays, wireless power transfer actually exists, such as wireless device charging; companies like Witricity are at work developing electric “hubs” that can power your entire house or the electric car. This might be a game changer.

2. Ultra–High Speed Tube Trains

Ultra–High Speed Tube Trains | future technology

Magnetic levitation, or Maglev, trains have been in development for quite some time. In Japan, a recent successful test run means that plans are underway to connect the whole country by 2045 with trains capable of reaching over 480 kph (300 mph) – few know that Romanian scientist Henri Coandă came up with the idea during the 1960s, although his was focused on tubular travel, which is actually the idea based on which US company ET3 has developed its project. The Evacuated Tube Transport will travel within a sealed, pressurized vacuum tube, making the capsules conceivably capable of speeds up 6,500 kph (4,000 mph), all while subjecting the passenger to G-forces comparable to that of a leisurely ride on the highway and transporting them across the entire US in less than an hour.

1. Sustainable Fusion Reactor | future technology

Sustainable Fusion Reactor | future technology

Nuclear fission is much easier to control than nuclear fusion; small nuclear fusion reactors have been built, but a large-scale, sustainable fusion reactor has yet to be attempted. Not yet, anyway; a consortium of seven member bodies (the US, EU, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, and India) has chosen a location in France to build the world’s first. The project is called ITER, and it is the second-largest cooperative international scientific endeavor (ranking behind only the Space Station). It will supposedly produce 10 times more power than it consumes.

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