10 Incredibly Amazing Houseboats

Owning a house, and a boat at the same might be cool; but what about joining those to together? Having those two things combined in one incredibly amazing houseboat is something worth experiencing. Just imagine waking up with the ocean at your feet, going outside and drinking your coffee facing an incredible landscape. Overall, I think it’s an interesting thing living like this, and the next 10 pictures will easily proove why

10. Modern houseboat, Amsterdam

This is actually listed as a boat type property, and you can rent it for $174 per night. The houseboat features 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 beds, and at this price, it can accommodate 4 people.

9. Round Boat House

It’s round, it’s kinda small, but it’s on the sea and it looks really interesting, so there you have it! Let’s just hope you won’d find yourself with the Coast Guard, asking for a hot cup of Joe.

8. Kerala Boat House

So, this amazing boathouse is described as being “a floating holiday on the backwaters highway” and “perhaps the most enchanting holiday experience in the world.” I’m not sure about that, but this makes for one hell of a picture, right?

7. Brown Floating House

From its design to the size of it, this thing looks absolutely crazy, and I bet everyone of you guys would see yourselves living here. It’s odd, ugly, yet interesting.

6. Dubai Houseboat Experience

Docked in Dubai, this houseboat is the perfect definition of floating luxury. And it actually makes sense, a luxurious houseboat in the second largest emirate.

5. Houseboat in Hamburg

Straight from Germany’s very first aquatic community, this houseboat has it all. Huge windows, amazing design, and the perfect color combination. I’m thinking it doesn’t come cheap.

4. Watervilla De Omval

This 200 square meter modern floating house was built in Amstel river-Amsterdam, and it looks spectacular. Those huge windows allow you to fully enjoy your amazing view.

3. The Floating Paradise

Now you can own a small little floating paradise island. It’s all there, for your enjoymnent; al that’s missing are the sexy babes. Built it, and they will come!

2. Project Utopia Private Island

Also called Island Yacht Design Concept, this private island  is inspired by the structure of oil tanker platforms, designed like a floating island. It also can cover long distances and it’s able to remain anchored in the middle of the ocean for undetermined periods.

1. The Fennell residence

Glass surfaces combined with a lot of wood, and some amazing architectural design skills. This makes for a unique project, looking like something coming out from the future.

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