10 Minblowing Red Bull Publicity Stunts

In a world full of publicity stunts, Red Bull is absolute king. The famous brand has whole teams of athletes, skydivers, motorcycle riders, and race drivers working for it and they all execute a seemingly endless array of stunts. Red Bull sponsors every kind of competition you can think of, from rally driving to mountain bike riding. Some say that the stratosphere parachute jump cost around $50 million, but with 5 billion cans selling every year, no sum seems excessive.

So, how about checking out the 10 most impressive Red Bull stunts out there?

10. Felix Baumgartner – Stratosphere Jump


The Austrian skydiver climbed aboard a quasi space ship and went up, really up: like 20 miles above New Mexico up. He jumped and broke the sound barrier, and now hold the world record for the highest jump for several years. That was Red Bull Stratos.

9. Levi LaVallee – World Record Snowmobile Jump


Snowmobile racer Levi LaVallee has won 10 Winter X Game medals, 7 of which were golden. At the end of 2010, he tried to break the jump record by jumping over San Diego Bay; he punctured a lung, broke some bones and was forced to pull out. A year later, he attempted the same in time for the “Red Bull New Year No Limits” campaign. His breathtaking Bay jump established a world record at 412 feet.

8. Alexey Kolesnikov – Backflip Over Racing Truck


A truck shooting across a gap the size of a 4 story building, with a motorcyclist doing a back flip in mid-air above it – that sounds impressive. An 8.5 ton Red Bull truck driven by Russian rally driver Vladimir Chagin, racing at 60 miles an hour towards a ramp constructed from 500 tons of dirt, while motorcycle daredevil, Alexey Kolesnikov revs his engine and shoots up a motorcycle ramp is what I’d consider extremely cool; the timing had to be perfect.

7. Paul Steiner – Mid-Air Link of Two Gliders


Austrian Steiner is a Red Bull  veteran. He climbed out onto the wing of a glider traveling more than 100 miles per hour and nearly 7,000 feet up over Austria. What comes next is scary: above him, another glider was keeping pace. Steiner did a somersault, as the first glider flipped over, giving Steiner an opening standing on the Red Bull bull logo, holding onto the tail of the second gliders. Wow!

6. Tom van Steenbergen – World Record Front Flip


This summer, professional mountain biker Tom van Steenbergen was in the wilds of the Dakota Tetons as part of a documentary film project. He managed to execute a perfect, world-record grabbing, front flip across a rugged canyon. He’s just 20, so imagine what comes next!

5. Duncan Zuur – Waterboards Across Venice


In 2008, when the usually high and dry St. Marks Square flooded, stuntman Duncan Zuur moved fast and had some serious fun on his waterboard. The good natured crowd rewarded him with a standing ovation, since you won’t see this every day.

4. Daniel Riccardo versus Jet

Daniel Riccardo versus Jet

Red Bull staging what can only be called a silly stunt. Race driver Daniel Riccardo hopped into his racing Renault and raced a Royal Air-Force Hornet Jet down a runway. After a fairly slow start for the jet, Riccardo zoomed ahead, engines blazing. It’s not hard to guess who won, right?

3. Danny Burrows – Snowboards Down Active Volcano


Snowboarding after hiking up the 3,ooo meters of an active volcano in Villarica, Chile? Sounds like a good ideaWith a 40 percent incline and the volcano erupting just at that moment, I’m guessing this was one unique snow-ride.

 2. Travis Pastrana – World Record Car Jump


Stunt driver and racer Travis Pastrana broke the world record for a ramp to ramp car jump, on January 1, 2010. He managed to fly down a ramp and over Long Beach’s Rainbow Harbor onto a barge anchored at the far end of the harbor: a 269 foot jump.

1. Robbie Maddison – 10 Story Motorcycle Jump


The most extreme Red Bull stunt! Robbie Maddison was paid $2 million to sit at the top of a ramp in the midst of the fake Vegas Eiffel Towers, roar down the ramp and catapult himself to the top of the 10 story Arc de Triomphe. It’s Las Vegas, New Year’s Eve 2008, and after he circles the top of the building, then drops 100 feet back onto the ramp, and glides off the ramp. He has since said he wouldn’t do it again; no wonder.

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