10 Most Splendid Farms That You Must Visit

Who wouldn’t love spending a day strolling around vast fields of pink tulips, purple lavender, yellow sunflower and lush green crops? Yes, please! For no reason whatsoever, other that to try and brigthen up your day, we bring you a collection of 10 splendid farms that you must visit on your next getaway.

If not, feel free to build your very own; just, be careful when choosing the location. The colorful bright hues of these flowers, fruits and crops around the fields are energizing and a great venue to spend time with your loved ones. Enjoy!

1. Lavender Season 

2. Oak Tree Split 

3. Spring Fields 

4. Golden Sunset Over Farm Field With Hay Bales 

5. Corn Fields With Silos 

6. Fields Of Gold 

7. Skagit Valley Sunrise 

8. Waiting For The Morning 

9. Farmer Checking His Crop Of Wheat 

10. Color On The Vine 

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