10 Of The Best River Cruise Destinations

Sailing down on some of the most beautiful rivers on Earth is one of the best possible way to spend your holiday. Relaxing and elegant, this way of traveling offer the opportunity to enjoy the ever-changing scenic views . Majestic rivers such as the Nile, Mekong, Rhine and many others flow through stunning historic capital cities and incredibly colorful areas of natural beauty giving us a peaceful and unforgettable holiday.

Besides, passengers will also be enjoying the luxurious comfort of the ship. So, it’s a win-win situation. Check out the 10 best river cruise destinations!

1. Mekong | Best River Cruise Destinations

Mekong | Best River Cruise Destinations

The Mekong is of great historical significance for many cultures and civilizations. This mystical and majestic river flows through six Asian countries giving you a chance to select from many different routes. I’d love to experience and take a sip from the Asian culture.

2. Rhone | River Cruise

Rhone | Best River Cruise Destinations

France is one of the most romantic location for sailing. Sailing from Burgundy, through the countryside, you may encounter endless lavender fields to Provence and superb views. This will definitely be a memorable cultural and culinary experience.

3. Danube

Danube | Best River Cruise Destinations

The spectacular River Danube flows through nine countries in Europe, revealing new surprises around every bend with fortresses, vine-laden hillsides and beautiful forests. Most of the cruises include four distinctive countries such as Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. Don’t miss out!

4. Rhine | Best River Cruise Destination

Rhine | Best River Cruise Destinations

Being Germany’s biggest river, the Rhine gives you an amazing opportunity to cruise the length of the country, explore its medieval towns and admire charming castles and vineyards. Not to mention taste different kinds of beer.

5. Nile | River Cruise Destination

Nile | Best River Cruise Destinations

The Nile flows South to North, through nine countries starting from Lake Victoria in Uganda to the Mediterranean Sea near Alexandria in Egypt. Cruising is the best way the explore the famous temples and tombs that straddle it such as Luxor, Karnak and the Valley of the Kings. Amazing!

6. Amazon

Amazon | Best River Cruise Destinations

This is the ultimate journey for nature lovers. Traveling deep into Amazon’s rainforests is the best way to enjoy the amazing wildlife, ecosystems, marine and jungle landscapes. You can actually watch the endangered Amazon river dolphins and turtles from the deck.

7. Mississippi

Mississippi | Best River Cruise Destinations

Sail the full length of the Mississippi River from New Orleans to St. Paul. It takes 22 days to visit 10 states, many historic towns and enjoy the passing landscapes. It’s a part of American history.

8. Yangtze

Yangtze | Best River Cruise Destinations

The largest river of Asia flows the entire width of China starting from Tibet. The best way to experience the country’s diverse historic, cultural and culinary treasures is to sail on the majestic Yangtze. You can also experience many different itineraries.

9. Irrawaddy

Irrawaddy | Best River Cruise Destinations

Cruising down on the Irrawaddy River from Rangoon to Mandalay is an enchanting oriental experience that allows you to visit one of the oldest Buddhist archaeological sites and the wonderful monuments of Bagan.

10. Zambezi

Zambezi | Best River Cruise Destinations

The Zambezi carves its way through many countries of the African continent giving once in a lifetime opportunity to see hippos and crocodiles in their natural habitat and to visit the Victoria Falls with its magnificent surroundings.  What else could you ask for?

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