10 Of The Most Incredible LEGO Creations

Lego is one of the most famous brands in the world, thanks to its ability to drive creativity and spark the imagination of children and adults, worldwide. I should know, I’m a big fan! They can be used to build almost anything, and some people really struggle to prove that. I mean, just go down this list of 10 crazy Lego projects and you will enter a new universe, where everything is possible – if oyu have the right building blocks, that is. Enjoy!

10. Airbus A380 | Most Incredible LEGO Creations

Airbus A380 | Most Incredible LEGO Creations

The double-deck Airbus A380 is the world’s biggest passenger airliner. This incredible Lego airplane was created to be a replica of the real-life aircraft, at a 1:25 scale; it was built using 75,000 individual pieces over a period of 600 hours, and weighs an impressive 220 pounds.

9. Allianz Arena | LEGO football stadion

Allianz Arena | Most Incredible LEGO Creations

In 2005, Legoland workers created a 1:50 scale versions of the Allianz Arena. The finished project took the team more than five months to complete and it uses more than 400,000 bricks, including specially made translucent pieces to recreate the special lighting the stadium features.

8. Kennedy Space Center | LEGO spaceship

Kennedy Space Center | Most Incredible LEGO Creations

Building a space center might be expensive, or illegal. But this replica of the NASA launch site in Merritt Island, Florida took its maker more than 2,500 hours to build and it takes up a total of 1,506 square feet of space. No laws were broken in the process, and more than 750,000 bricks were used and the model includes properly scaled versions of the Saturn rockets, various buildings and even a 6-foot Space Shuttle.

7. Volvo XC90 Car | LEGO car

Volvo XC90 Car | Most Incredible LEGO Creations

As part of an agreement between Volvo and Legoland, a full-sized replica of a Volvo car was built in 2004. Although it featured genuine tires to help support the model, everything else, including license plate, logos and windscreen, was created using individual pieces: 201,076 Lego bricks weighing a total of 2,934 pounds.

6. USS Harry S. Truman | LEGO ship

USS Harry S. Truman | Most Incredible LEGO Creations

The scale model of the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman was created in 2006 by a German Lego fan called Malle Hawking. The ship, which has also been tested in water, was built with 200,000 bricks and measures 16 feet long and almost 4 feet tall, with a weight of roughly 350 pounds. The ship itself took more than a year to build and features electronic lights on the flight deck and the hangar, movable elevators and radar dishes, and even a motorized catapult.

5. Middle-Earth | LEGO Creations

Middle-Earth | Most Incredible LEGO Creations

Chris Phipson and Mark Kelso built in 2010 the entirety of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth. The whole project took a year of planning and building but the finished product was a detailed recreation of many of the famous locations from The Lord of the Rings, including Mount Doom, Rivendell, Minas Tirith, Helms Deep and Isengard. The models even include figurines of the orc armies, the Fellowship and Ringwraiths.

4. lego House 

House | Most Incredible LEGO Creations

James May, of Top Gear fame, set about building a house made entirely out of Lego in 2009. Construction officially began on the 1st of August and continued until the 17th of September, with more than 1000 people helping to build it. This is a two-floor house, 20-feet tall, with fully working taps, sink and toilet, all made out of Lego. May even slept in the building overnight to prove that it could be used as a real home.The project used more than 3 million bricks.

3. Map of Europe | LEGO 

Map of Europe | Most Incredible LEGO Creations

In 2009, a group of Lego fans who met at a Lego Fan Weekend teamed up to create an accurate map of Europe entirely out of Lego. The project took the five enthusiasts 6 months to finish and just over 53,500 pieces. Around the map are places of interest, there are also important buildings and monuments replicated in small-scale models such as thr Eiffel Tower, the Parthenon and Edinburgh Castle.

2. V-8 Engine |  LEGO Creation

 V-8 Engine | Most Incredible LEGO Creations

This V8 engine is not just a model, it is a fully working replica that includes all the necessary moving parts that make an engine run. Rather than gasoline, the engine runs on air but it still manages to reach an impressive 1,500 rpm when pushed to its maximum setting. It was built by Barry Bosman and includes exactly 2,862 bricks and separate pieces.

1. X-Wing Starfighter |Incredible LEGO Creation

X-Wing Starfighter | Most Incredible LEGO Creations

The life size X-Wing Starfighter built in 2013, is the largest Lego model ever built. Revealed at Times Square in New York, the replica spaceship is the most ambitious Lego creation that the official Lego Master Builders have ever worked on. The model clocks in with a total of 5,335,200 bricks and weighs 45,980 pounds; it took 17,336 man-hours to build and features a wingspan of 44-feet and a replica of R2-D2. Awesome!

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