10 of the World’s Most Beautiful City Parks

If you want to get away from the busy cities for just a couple of hours, the easiest way would be to go to the nearest park and escape the rush of traffic, sirens and horns. Every major city has at least a couple of parks and I’m pretty sure we all have our favorites. Here we’ll show you 10 of the world’s most beautiful and also some of the world’s largest city parks.

10. Hamarikyu Gardens, Tokyo


Over three hundred years ago the Hamarikyu Gardens were actually owned by one of the wealthiest families from Japan, the Tokugawa family. Now it’s surrounded by the skyscrapers from the busy Tokyo and also by a lovely seawater moat and it features several ponds with seawater that will rise and fall with the tides.

9. Chapultepec, Mexico City


One of the largest parks in the world, the Chapultepec park was once a retreat for Aztec rulers. Filled with an abundance of trees, a lot of places to relax and also hiding the city zoo, anthropology museum and the art Museum from the Valley of Mexico, this park has everything you need in a short break from the suffocating air from Mexico City.

8. Vondelpark, Amsterdam


Amsterdam is a pretty laid back and relaxing city and most of us would actually go there to escape from our daily routine but.. it’s also home to one of the world’s most interesting city parks, the Vondelpark. It’s pretty small compared to other parks from this list, but it hides a lovely rose garden, an open air theater and a Blue Tearoom. Oh, and it’s also recognized as being a place where almost anything was and probably still is possible. So that’s freedom right there.

7. Golden Gate Park, San Francisco


The Golden Gate bridge is one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks but for the people from San Francisco, the Golden Gate Park is also a true jewel. Featuring several natural lakes, the Polo Fields stadium, two lovely windmills and many other things that will take your mind off stress, the Golden Gate Park is one of the most visited parks from the US.

6. Park Ibirapuera, Sao Paolo


We’ve all seen after the 2014 World Cup how busy and crazy is the life in Brazil so you can only imagine how important it is to find peace and relax a little in a crowded city like Sao Paolo. The Park Ibirapuera is not only great for people who want to relax, but also for joggers, cyclists and.. architecture lovers. Yeah, architecture lovers could gawk at several buildings and monuments signed by Oscar Niemeyer, who’s recognized for his unique, contemporist style.

5. Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, London


Even though it’s well known for huge concerts, demonstrations and other massive gatherings, the Hyde Park is not only one of London’s best places to chill, but it’s also a great area to express your thoughts in public thanks to the Speakers’ Corner. Hyde Park used to be the hunting grounds for the Royals and now we can all see why they liked it so much. Together with Kensington Gardens, the Hyde Park is a perfect retreat for anyone who’s around London’s center.

4. Park Guell, Barcelona

Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain.

Built in 14 years by the great Antoni Gaudi, who also designed the Sagrada Familia, the Park Guell is definitely the smallest park in this list, but it’s truly one of a kind. The park started as a house project inspired by the parks in England, but then Gaudi added his touch and turned this area into a masterpiece, filled with monuments, structures and buildings, with mosaics and colored tiles that will relax your eyes and heart.

3. Central Park, New York


Probably the most famous park in the world, Central Park is definitely a must visit for anyone who gets to visit Manhattan. Surrounded by the busy streets of Manhattan and huge skyscrapers in every corner, the Central Park in NY is like a massive retreat where anyone can take a breath of fresh air. Perfect for tourists, cyclists, skateboarders, roller bladers, art lovers and.. everyone else, Central Park is probably the definition of how a major metropolis park should look like.

2. Bois de Boulogne, Paris


More than two times bigger than New York’s Central Park, the Bois de Boulogne was also a former hunting ground. It was created in the 1850s by the great Napoleon III and it hides within its boundaries a massive garden with several lakes and a cascade, two botanical gardens filled with more flowers you could think of, a zoo and an amusement park, the largest racetrack of Paris called Hippodrome de Longchamp, the stadium where the Roland Garros tournament is held and many, many other attractions.

 1. Imperial Gardens, Tokyo


You might say it’s not fair to feature on the first place a park which is not fully open to public but the Imperial Gardens from Tokyo are so amazing, mesmerizing, beautiful and so on, that it’s totally worth it. This park is basically the back yard of the Imperial family home and only the inner grounds, that are close to the family’s bedroom windows are closed for public but they can be visited two days a year when it’s the Emperor’s birthday. Filled with ponds and flowers, the East Garden was once the site of the former castle from Tokyo. There are so many unique buildings and places to take photos here that you will probably need more than a day to properly relax in this park.


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