10 People And Their Amazing Abilities

We all love to brag about our cool abilities and talents. Some run fast, others play the guitar, but that’s nothinc compared to these people and their skills. These are some of the people with the world’s weirdest abilities, ranging from medical marvels to baffling brain powers.

These individuals live all over the world, from the United States, to Asia, to Eastern Europe. Scientists, doctors, and other experts have put these people to the test and have found their weird talents to be something else entirely. Who knows, maybe you’ve got some strange abilities as well; in the mean time, check these 10 people out!

10. Dean Karnazes – Extreme Endurance

Dean Karnazes – Extreme Endurance

We may marvel at Usain Bolt’s incredible running skills, but Dean Karnazes may give him a run for his money. Karnazes’ muscles have the weird ability to never get tired. His body is not affected by the build-up of lactic acid in his muscles, which means they never feel worn out or exhausted.

9. Natalya Demkina – X-Ray Vision

Natalya Demkina – X-Ray Vision

Demkina, who is from Russia, is able to see inside people’s bodies. In fact, people have called Demkina to their homes so that she can look inside of them and diagnose their illnesses. She says that she can see the cellular level of some bodies, and she has been tested by doctors in New York.

8. Thai Ngoc – Never Sleeps

Thai Ngoc – Never Sleeps

In 1973, Thai Ngoc developed a seriously high fever. The Vietnamese man eventually recovered from the fever, but found he suffered from insomnia afterward. Four decades later, Ngoc still does not sleep. He has gone over 12,000 nights without taking a rest. To make things even weirder, he has been examined by medical professionals, who have found nothing wrong with him.

7. Chris Robinson – Dream Premonitions

Chris Robinson – Dream Premonitions

This is something we see in movies – Chris Robinson is able to see the future in his dreams. He discovered his ability after a vibrant dream about a two-plane collision. Robinson keeps a daily dream diary and is said to be able to control when he wakes up from his dreams.

6. Sherpas – EPAS1 Gene

Sherpas – EPAS1 Gene

So this is actually a group of people and not one single person. Still, the Sherpas of Tibet and Nepal are quite amazing – and weird. Most of these sherpas have the ability to withstand conditions of up to 13,000 feet above sea level. Scientists have discovered that sherpas have a gene (EPAS1) that allows them the ability to survive with 40% less oxygen than the average person.

5. SM – Immune to Fear

SM – Immune to Fear

SM is the anonymous moniker of a woman who suffers from an unknown condition that causes part of her brain to waste away. The affected part of her brain is the amygdala, which controls the sense of fear. Therefore, SM does not feel fear. She has faced many frightening circumstances, but has always kept her cool.

4. Elisabeth Sulser – Sees Sound and Tastes Music

Elisabeth Sulser – Sees Sound and Tastes Music

Synesthesia is when a person’s senses have been mixed up. For Elisabeth Sulser, the feeling is all too familiar. Sulser’s senses of sight, hearing, and taste have been crossed. What is the result? She can taste musical notes and see waves of sound. She actually grew up believing that this condition was normal.

3. Monks in Tibet – Tum-Mo

Monks in Tibet – Tum-Mo

The sherpas are not the only people in Tibet with weird abilities. Most of us know that monks have acquired some pretty impressive techniques. Yet some monks in Tibet are able to control their body temperature through a meditation practice known as “tum-mo.” Tibetan monks can also lower their metabolism, which allows them to go through periods of fasting.

2. Eskil Ronningsbakken – Extreme Balancing

Eskil Ronningsbakken – Extreme Balancing

At just five years of age, young Ronningsbakken began taking an interest in balancing himself on things. He is now one of the most renowned performance artists in the world. At age 18, Ronningsbakken fled to become a circus performer, which he continued with for 11 years.

1. Orlando Serrell – Mathematical Genius

Orlando Serrell – Mathematical Genius

As a boy, Orlando Serrell took a baseball to the head during a ball game. He went about his business, but a year later, he started getting terrible headaches. He soon discovered that he could calculate seemingly impossible mathematical problems. For example, he could instantly calculate how many of a particular weekday are in any given year.

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