10 Potentially Deadly Foods

I doubt that, when you’re feeling hungry, you ever consider that your favorite dish might actually kill you. Who knows, you could choke, be allergic to something or it might be contaminated in some way. So, the qeustion is: are you gonna eat that? I’m not sure you should, but here are 10 potentially deadly foods you should keep an eye on before throwing them into your mouths. Check it out!

1. Ackee

potentially deadly foods

IF you take a trip to Jamaica to enjoy Ackee, the country’s most popular fruit, you should know that you shouldn’t just pick it off the branch and take a bite. Unripe Ackee will give you a nasty case of Jamaican Vomiting Sickness, cause seizure or even get you into a coma. Death is just around the branch!

2. Yuca

deadly food

Yuca or Cassava root is delicious. However, you should never ever eat it raw! Improper preparation and you risk death by cyanide poisoning.

3. Fugu

deadly food - fugu

Tthese Japanese pufferfish will make sure you’re good and dead, if you don’t prepare them carefully. A Fugu’s organs are rich with the poison tetrodotoxin and must be extracted with the utmost precision to avoid contaminating the surrounding meat.

4. Killer Mushrooms

killer mushrooms - potentially deadly foods

Mushrooms are definitely plotting something evil. Thirty-two different varieties have been associated with fatalities, and an additional fifty-two are harboring dangerous poisons. So, what  about pizza toppings?

5. Bullfrogs

dead food - bullfrogs

When visiting Namibia in Africa, you should know that Bullfrog is a delicacy. However, make sure you’re not coerced into kissing this bumpy fellow without having it cooked well first. The point is to neutralize the poison and avoid kidney failure.

6. Blood Clams

blood clams

If you find yourself in China, you might be tempted to try a blood clam. They’ve caused hepatitis A and E and even typhoid causing a ban that’s been in place since 1988. so, you’d better keep away.

7. Elderberries


They have a stunning blue color and medicinal properties, too. You will even find Elderberry-flavored foods and drinks in Germany, Sweden or France. Just make sure they are cooked, otherwise you’ll get poisoned.

8. Cherries

cherries - deadly food

Cyanide lurks in so many of the seeds of our favorite fruits. Take cherries, for example. One cherry pit or two while you’re picnicking in the park, no problem. A large amount of cherry pits carelessly ingested? That causest general weakness, confusion and a host of other serious side effects.

9. Toxic Rhubarb

toxic rhubarb

Who doesn’t love a strawberry rhubarb pie? During WWI, the leaves of the Rhubarb plant were recommended as a food source resulting in widespread poisonings among British citizens. Odd.

10. Peanuts

potentially deadly food - peanuts

Peanuts have many uses, but for many of people peanuts present a frightening allergy risk. Roughly 3.3 million Americans live in fear of these delicious legumes. We hope you’re not one of them.

Foods that Can Kill You

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