10 Real Life Superheroes

Well, not really; I mean, movie superheroes make us dream of how we could spend the day instead of a 9-to-5 job, sitting behind a desk. While we were day-dreaming, some people were actually investing time and energy into developing their own superpowers, some of them were born with them, some of these folks are amazing, some of them would probably scare young kids, but one thing’s for sure: Professor Xavier would be intrigued.

10. Magneto | Real Life Superheroes

Magneto | Real Life Superheroes

Liew Thow Lin has the gift of magnetism, or more specifically, suction. The 80 year old Malaysian man can magnetize metal objects to his body; he is known to draw of total of 36 kilograms worth of metal objects, of no more than 2 kilograms each, on to his skin. He has even been able to pull a car towards him. Even stranger, three of his grandchildren have inherited his traits. Not bad!

9. Ultra-endurance Man | Superheroes

Ultra-endurance Man | Real Life Superheroes

Ultra-endurance phenomenon Dean Karnazes shocked everyone when he ran 50 marathons in 50 states on 50 consecutive days in 2006. Furthermore, he managed to run 350 kilometers non-stop, going without three nights worth of sleep. According to the TV show Stan Lee’s Superhumans, his ability to keep running comes as a result of the body being able to reduce the build-up of lactic acid over time, but that may not be healthy as any organism has its limitations.

8. Jaws | Real Life Superhero

Jaws | Real Life Superheroes

Rathakrishnan Velu met an Indian guru as a teenager, and the guru taught him how to channel all his power to one body part. He chose to develop jaws of steel and break a world record by pulling along a 297 tonne train a distance of 2.8 meters at Kuala Lumpar’s Railway station in Malaysia. Some of us barely get up from bed in the morning, by comparison. Should I take up Indian meditation?

7. Das Uberboy

Das Uberboy | Real Life Superheroes

In 1999 in Germany a boy, Liam Hoekstra, was born with the body of a bodybuilder and it left doctors scratching their heads. By the age of 4 he was able to lift weight six times as heavy as his contemporaries. Why? Well, the cause of this seems to be a genetic mutation that changes the way that muscles grow; kind of like that project with super strong cattle. No clue how this mutation will affect the young man as he ages.

6. X-Ray Girl | Real Life Supergirl

X-Ray Girl | Real Life Superheroes

Natasha Demkina can apparently see into the body of a person and see exactly what is happening to their organs. The local hospital in Saransk, Western Russia, got wind of her abilities and wanted to test her out, and she passed. Discovery Channel dedicated a whole show to her and showed her identifying a mass on a man’s lung which was later diagnosed as sarcoidus granuloma by another doctor. boys would love that superpower.

5. Mr Freeze | Superhero

Mr Freeze | Real Life Superheroes

With enough practice any one of us could control our body temperature, at least in theory. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras speak of that, and Wim Hof is practices a technique called Tummo. In the Arctic Circle temperatures can drop to -20 degrees centigrade, or lower, but this guy runs shirtless runs across the tundra. He has also climbed Mount Kilamanjaro over the course of days wearing only shorts, swimming under ice for 66 meters, as well as submerging himself in ice for an hour and 13 minutes. Cool!

4. Zamora The Torture King

Zamora The Torture King | Real Life Superheroes

Tim Cridland goes by the name Zamora the Torture King, for stage shows. Throughout his stage career he has swallowed swords, skewered his body, eaten fire and pounded nails into wood with his bare hands. Don’t ask me why; however, he claims that he uses the power of the mind to overcome his experiences of pain, something which is very possible.  Think of women giving birth or saving their children in peril.

3. The Man Who Eats Anything | Real Superheroes

The Man Who Eats Anything | Real Life Superheroes

I am a bit hungry, although I doubt I’d nibble on a Cessna airplane. Michel Lotito, a French entertainer had a stomach and intestines with unusually thick lining, which is why he could consume anything that he wanted including glass, rubber and metal. It took him two years to break down and gradually eat each part of a Cessna airplane. With ketchup or without?

2. Photographic Memory

Photographic Memory | Real Life Superheroes

Stephen Wiltshire is an autistic man who produces architectural pictures of whole cities as a result of his incredible photographic memory. I saw him on TV once and I was stunned by the amount of detail he could reproduce after a short glance. He can literally remember the smallest of details on the biggest of buildings and recreate them accurately. After one fly over of New York City he sat down and produced the image with all of the buildings in the correct place. He did study Fine Art at City and Guilds Art College, London. Now, that’s art!

1. Fleximan

Fleximan | Real Life Superheroes

Javier Botet is a real life fleximan, and was recently featured in the Guillermo Del Torro flick, Mama, playing the title role. He was diagnosed with a condition called Marfan syndrome, which causes the afflicted person to be unusually tall with long and thin arms, legs and fingers. This also allows him to contort himself drastically, but there are those who have organ defects in the heart and other organs. This guy is lucky!

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