10 Shocking 3D Printed Fashion Items

The 3D printing industry is new, interesting and here to stay. The technical name for 3D printing is called additive manufacturing, a process that manipulates layers of additive materials with the aid of a computer. 3D printing is also known by the technical terms extrusion or sintering. 

There are various 3D applications, in innovative new ways and fields – never imaginable before. 3D printers have drastically decreased in price from a decade ago. You can now purchase these revolutionary machines from $598.00 to more than $9995.00 for a Stratasys Mojo small business printer. 

So, what can you print? Well, go ahead and check out our list!

10. Dita Von Teese 3D Printed Dress | 3D Printed Fashion Items

Dita Von Teese 3D Printed Dress | 3D Printed Fashion Items

Dita Von Teese is a famous burlesque dancer, entrepreneur, model and occasional actress. All that sexiness aside, designer Michael Schmidt was approached by his friends at the Ace Hotel in New York to create a fashion garment for the Fall 2013 Fashion Week.  The New York based designer collaborated with Francis Bitonti in L.A. to create Dita Von Teese’s 3D gown. The unique fashion statement features 3000 articulated joints rendered in the printing process, 17 separate pieces and 12,000 Swarovski crystals.

9. Iris Van Herpen Summer 2015 collection | 3D Printed Fashion

Iris Van Herpen Summer 2015 collection | 3D Printed Fashion Items

Iris Van Herpen collaborated with Julia Koerner to create several kinetic dress designs to be debuted for summer 2015. The designs were made to adhere to the body movements of the person wearing the 3D garment. The Iris Van Herpen 3D collection works with injection molding and laser cutting techniques.

8. Rein van der MastPjotr fountain pens

Rein van der MastPjotr fountain pens | 3D Printed Fashion Items

Rein van der Pjotr makes sculptured designer fountain pens based on the theme chosen by the consumer. Usually made from titanium with a wall thickness of 0.3 millimeters, these pens are premium quality products. Rein der van Mast has teamed up with Additive industries to produce the 3D metal parts used in his fountain pens. These fountain pens are for everyday use or for signing your multi-million dollar contract with your new record label or football team.

7. Nike Vapor Laser Talon Football Boot

Nike Vapor Laser Talon Football Boot | 3D Printed Fashion Items

Nike has always been at the forefront of sports shoe technology. In the future it will be possible to walk into a Nike store and have your feet scanned for your perfect pair of shoes. Customization is the wave of the future for shoe design, and these days the first 3D printed football boot by Nike is here to be admired.

6. N12 3D Printed Shapeway’s Bikini Top 

N12 3D Printed Shapeway’s Bikini Top | 3D Printed Fashion Items

The same company that made Dita Von Teese’s gown has made the worlds first 3D bikini top. Made by Continuum Fashion the N12 is naturally waterproof, designed using Rhino 3D CAD software. Designers can now utilize this company’s infrastructure to bring original ideas into the realm of reality. 3D printed bras means comfort and style all at the same time.

5. X-Pose bustier 

X-Pose bustier | 3D Printed Fashion Items

This 3D printed bustier is naughty, as it incorporates smartphone technology to collect data on the wearer. When the wearer interacts using apps and social media the panels become translucent, revealing the skin beneath. The more data that is collected the more see-through this garment becomes.

4. Victoria Secret “Snowflake”

Victoria Secret “Snowflake” | 3D Printed Fashion Items

This beautiful piece was created specifically for supermodel Lindsay Ellingson based on her physical dimensions. Designed based on the shape of a snowflake, by Bradley Rothenberg, this winter themed outfit was created in collaboration with Victoria’s Secret, Swarovski Crystals and the 3D company Shapeways. Lindsay Ellingson wore this at the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

3. Maartje Dijkstra jewelry collection

Maartje Dijkstra jewelry collection | 3D Printed Fashion Items

Maartje Dijkstra is a Dutch fashion designer who specializes in custom made jewelry. Maartje’s designs are mechanically inspired creations with vein like structures, and the Hard Core Vein 2.0 is a tube shaped sci-fi warrior princess outfit. The transparent tubes are filled with ink that pump to the beats of music, similar to blood running thru the veins.

2. 3D Print Wooden Watch

3D Print Wooden Watch | 3D Printed Fashion Items

The organic touch and feel of wood has a warm feeling compared to the coldness of metal and glass. It’s good to know that 3D printing technologies also apply to the natural material. This faux wooden watch was designed by the Polish 3D company Jelwek and takes 5 hours to complete.

1. 3D Print TamiCare Panties 

3D Print TamiCare Panties | 3D Printed Fashion Items

It was only a matter of time before our throwaway culture produced 3D disposable knickers for women. I’m not sure why, but people say disposable panties would save you time when it comes to laundry day. The founding members from Israel have their company Tamicare based in Manchester, UK. Tamicare’s 3D printed absorbent padded undergarments are made to be disposed of after a single use. 

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