10 Stunning Rooftop Pools

Who needs the beach? Well, we do; it’s kind of cold, and I’d sure love some rest and relaxation in the sun – not to mentiona swim. However, there are some hotels that have become the ultimate urban oasis and will provide you with everything your heart desires. Just spend the day by the pool, after paying some serious cash.

Afternoon sunbathing, evening cocktail parties and so on; everything can be enjoyed by luxury pools and rooftop pools, where breathtaking views are part of the package. Smooth atmosphere, infinity-edges and exclusivity will make sure you feel like a pampered king. These are the 10 most stunning rooftop pools I’ve ever seen!

10. Paasha Seminyak Luxury Resort, Bali | Stunning Rooftop Pools

Paasha Seminyak Luxury Resort, Bali | Stunning Rooftop Pools

9. W Hotel, Hong Kong | Rooftop Pools

W Hotel, Hong Kong | Stunning Rooftop Pools

8. Fasano Hotel, Rio de Janeiro | Stunning Rooftop Pool

Fasano Hotel, Rio de Janeiro | Stunning Rooftop Pools

7. Kor Hotel Group, Viceroy, Miami

Kor Hotel Group, Viceroy, Miami | Stunning Rooftop Pools

6. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore | Stunning Rooftop Pools

5. Habita Monterrey Hotel, Mexico

Habita Monterrey Hotel, Mexico | Stunning Rooftop Pools

4. The Gansevoort Park Avenue, NYC

The Gansevoort Park Avenue, NYC | Stunning Rooftop Pools

3. The Joule, Dallas

The Joule, Dallas | Stunning Rooftop Pools

2. Grand Hotel Central, Barcelona

Grand Hotel Central, Barcelona | Stunning Rooftop Pools

1. Molino Stucky Hilton, Venice, Italy

Molino Stucky Hilton, Venice, Italy | Stunning Rooftop Pools

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