10 Super-Powered Animals Around The World

Having a pet may be nice, but there are some animals out there that are downright magic, if not super-powered. Trust me, you’re gonna enjoy this list, no matter who you are. Here we go!

10. Tarsier: Night Vision

Tarsier: Night Vision

The largest of any mammal, relative to body size, the tarsier has extremely acute eyesight and superb night vision. What’s more interestin is that its eyes are fixed inside its skull, which is why the tarsier rotates the whole head, up to 180 degrees, to look around.

9. Gecko: Walks Up Walls

Gecko: Walks Up Walls

The Gecko‚Äôs ability to climb walls, hang upside down, and apparently “stick” to anything is the envy of superheroes everywhere; besides, its gets some laughs when the buddies come over. It seems thousands of tiny hairs and hair-like structures on the lizard’s feet, called setae and spatulae, allow it to go whatever it wants.

8. Octopus: Shapeshifter

Octopus: Shapeshifter

Octopuses are lovers, not fighters; which explains why their first line of defense against predators is their camo capabilities. Outfitted with specialized skin cells that can change the apparent color, opacity, and reflectivity of its epidermis, the octopus can blend in almost anywhere.

7. Jellyfish: Immortality

Jellyfish: Immortality

Turritopsis dohrnii is a tiny jellyfish found in the Mediterranean Sea and waters off the coast of Japan. I must say I”m most than jealous; instead of dying when its lifecycle comes to an end, this immortal jellyfish just transforms itself back into their juvenile polyp state. It’s like a reset button to an old computer!

6. Plumed Basilisk: Walks On Water

Plumed Basilisk: Walks On Water

This Central American lizard loves to hang out in shrubs and trees near water, hunting for insects. If threatened, however, the little reptile will take off at top speed across the surface of the river or pond. The lizard has long toes on the rear feet and fringes of skin that unfurl to meet the water. Thus, the lizard’s feet allow it to skim without sinking.

5. Sperm Whale: Holds Breath For 90 Minutes


Most marine mammals must surface regularly to breath oxygen; not the sperm whale. Thanks to electrically-charged proteins in their blood, the sperm whale’s circulatory system carries and stores oxygen more efficiently, allowing it to dive deep without running out of breath.

4. Kangaroo Rat: Lives Without Water

Kangaroo Rat: Lives Without Water

This weird looking little thing can survive without water for three years. It seems it spends its time nibbling seeds and other plants that contain moisture, and since they conserve water by hanging out underground during the day, drinking is not a necessity.

3. Hummingbird: Levitation

Hummingbird: Levitation

This tiny bird’s narrow, tapered wings and amazing joints make it the only one on Earth that can sustain long-term hovering. Furthermore, they can also fly backwards and change direction almost instantly. It’s like that Mercedes commercial, with the chicken; only cooler.

2. Pistol Shrimp: Sonic Boom

Pistol Shrimp: Sonic Boom

This shrimp packs a hell of a punch, despite being less than an inch long. This creature can emit an astonishing 218 decibels just by snapping its claws together. The sound is louder than a gunshot, so together with the resulting air bubble this little guy’s prey stands no chance.

1. Cardinal Fish: Breathes Fire

Cardinal Fish: Breathes Fire

When swallowed by the Cardinal fish, a zoo-plankton called Ostracod secretes a sudden blast of luminescent chemicals. As a result, the Cardinal light up like a Times Square billboard, so the fish immediately spits out the flashy plankton, seemingly looking as breathing fire. Beat that!

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