10 Unique Places to Go at Night

It turns out teenagers and college students really know more than the rest of us, meaning that some things and some places are way more cooler at night. As proof, stands this interesting list of 10 unique places which transform once the night falls. I dare you to visit them all!

10. Forest Park, New York | Unique Places to Go at Night

Forest Park, New York | Unique Places to Go at Night
So, I’m guessing we all know fungus is bad; but fun? Apparently, this glowing fungus is common in the forests of New England; oddly enough, I haven’t heard anything about it. Panellus stipticus is one of 70 bio-luminescent species, while the intensity of the glow seems to correlate with reproductive maturation. No one knows why they grow, but when dealing with beauty, why becomes an irrelevant question.

9. Waitomo Cave, New Zealand | Unique Places

Waitomo Cave, New Zealand | Unique Places to Go at Night2.Waitomo Cave, New Zealand | Unique Places to Go at Night
The Waitomo Caves of New Zealand are one of most surreal and beautiful caves in the world; what most people don’t know is that they are riddled with Arachnocampa luminosa, a rare type of glowworm only found in the region. They glow in order to attract prey and mates; the worms produce light within their bodies of the worm, and pass through a thin filament used to trap their prey.

8. Eastern Coast, Australia | Places to Go at Night

Eastern Coast, Australia | Unique Places to Go at NightEastern Coast, Australia | Places to Go at Night
Similar to the glowing plankton of the Maldives, the Clusterwink snail lets everyone around know when it’s agitated. In response to environmental stress and predators, the small Australian snail glows and its light gets amplified through its shell. More interesting, these snails live in groups, and it happens that the whole unit can flash to give predators the false sense of a larger animal, or you the privilege to get some awesome pictures.

7. Blue Grotto, Capri, Italy

Blue Grotto, Capri, Italy | Unique Places to Go at NightBlue Grotto, Capri, Italy
The Blue Grotto gets its glow from light outside the cave, and acts as nature’s largest pseudo fiber-optic. Light passes through the water illuminating the cave’s dark interior and creating a wonderful visual effect in the process.

6. Forests of Tennessee in Spring

Forests of Tennessee in Spring | Unique Places to Go at NightForests of Tennessee in Spring
Fireflies are probably the mos popular bugs for everyone, growing up. They basically use this pulsing light to attract a mate,; but the Great Smoky Mountains in Elkmont, Tennessee are home to the most famous firefly phenomenon around. It seems it’s there that an annual synchronizing of flashes takes place and spreads across the entire group. Incredible!

5. Canada |  Places to Go at Night

Canada | Unique Places to Go at NightCanada | Unique Places to Go at Night2

The Aurora (Borealis in the North, Australis in the South) occurs when highly charged particles emitted from the sun collide with different particles in the Earth’s atmosphere, which results in surreal views and an incredible phenomenon. The different colors are a product of the different particle compositions of the atmosphere where they’re occurring. Enough with the science, just go on and experience it first hand.

4. Toyama Bay, Japan

Toyama Bay, Japan | Unique Places to Go at Night2.Toyama Bay, Japan | Unique Places to Go at Night
Known as the firefly squid, the Watasenia scintillians lives in waters too deep to witness. However, Toyama Bay in Japan regularly  is host to an amazing event, since it’s a key spawning ground for the species. However, during the season, many wind up beached along the coast or caught by commercial fishers. So, oyu better enjoy the show while you still can

3. Kilauea, Hawaii | Unique Places to Go at Night

At Halemaʻumaʻu, a vent of Hawaii’s ever-active Kilauea volcano, you can watch a pillar of sulfurous steam transform into the incandescence of molten rock from the center of the Earth. It’s amazing to have the opportunity to witness such an interesting process and to realize it takes place every second, although we never think about it.

2. Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia | Unique Places to Go at NightSalar De Uyuni, Bolivia | Unique Places to Go at Night2
The salt flats in Bolivia has so few items on the horizon that depth perception is lost. So, if you’re not that good at taking pics, this is the perfect place to make your pics look awesome. Moreover, when it rains there – and that doesn’t happen very often – the entire dry lake-bed turns into one of the world’s largest natural mirrors. It looks like a Sci-Fi movie stage set.

1. Catatumbo, Venezuela

Catatumbo, Venezuela | Unique Places to Go at NightCatatumbo, Venezuela | Unique Places to Go at Night2
A lightning never strikes the same place twice, or so they say. But Venezuela aims to change their mind, with lightning striking at a frequency of 280 flashes per hour at the mouth of the Catatumbo river – 10 hours a day, for 140-160 days a year. It seems a combination of large methane compositions in the atmosphere from swamps in the region is to blame – or be thankful for – as well as the perfect storm of moving air masses trapped by surrounding mountains. I’ve never been more amazed!

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