10 Villains And Their Royal Lifestyles

These characters are the opposite of heroes, and their entire lifestyles are characterized by opulence and the finest things in life; no surprise there, since all villains live the big life. Real and not created, these are the ten people in human history that did so much evil, that their entire life was dedicated to achieve great personal wealth.

Opinions may vary, so let’s not talk that much about history; let’s talk lifestyle.

10. H. H. Holmes

H. H. Holmes

The first evil villain who made the list of people who lived like kings and didn’t deserve it is H.H. Holmes. The man is America’s first serial killer who admitted to killing 27 people, just a small part of the 200 he supposedly murdered over the years. As he came from a prosperous and working family, H.H. Holmes developed a pretty big net worth, most of it made from killing his victims and taking the insurance.

9. Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin

The first dictator on the list of evil villains with royal lifestyles is Josef Stalin, the man who is famous for his ruling of Russia. While he was ruling with iron fists, removing everybody in his way, Over the years he became the evil dictator who took from the people to make himself rich and build up a net worth of $75 million.

8. Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Considered the most evil person that ever existed, Hitler was a dictator that used the German people to change the entire world just to bring his ideas to life. While imprisoned the dictator wrote a book, that gave him notoriety and wealth that he never thought he would have. Besides his numerous luxury cars, his mansions and impressive art collection, Hitler made a big chunk of money.

7. Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong

The $1 billion mark when it comes to personal net worth is the main characteristic of our number 7 evil villain. We are talking about the famous Mao Zedong, the man who ruled like a king the People’s Republic of China for more than 25 years. He had servants bathing him, a huge palace where he stayed and a lavish lifestyle while his type of ruling had no mercy for the human life, implementing the new order with the cost of people suffering and people being killed.

6. Bashar al-Assad

Bashar al-Assad

Currently the only living evil villain on the list, Bashar al-Assad is the president of Syria and one of the men who create wealth and fortune while their country lies in poverty. While under his ruling some human rights were violated and the opposition was obliterated, Bashar spends money to create an image meant to confuse the international media and manipulate the public opinion of foreigners.

5. Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein

Taking our list close to Syria, in the borders of Iraq, Saddam Hussein provides us another example of a leader who mistakes his power with the freedom of making the human kind suffer. The dictator, at the moment of his accusation of crimes against humanity, was doing pretty good, his net worth being somewhere in the area of $2 billion. That meant that Saddam’s lifestyle was epic, the villain having a personal Superyacht with all the modern accessories including two escape pods and ultra modern radar technology so that he could escape any kind of menace.

4. Kim Jong II

Kim Jong II

North Korea is the place where Kim Jong Il made his fortune and lived like a king. Even though it wasn’t a prosperous country and the media was receiving the wrong information about the country’s wealth, Kim Jong Il was eating and drinking like royals do. Passing this lifestyle to his son after his death, Kim Jong Il was known to have a lavish lifestyle, with the most expensive food flown from all over the world, rare bottles of cognac and a yearly sum of money that raise questions.

3. Leopold II of Belgium

Leopold II of Belgium

Number 3 on the list of evil villains with royal lifestyles is Leopold the second, who was in fact a real king, who ruled Belgium for 44 years. In his years of ruling Leopold commissioned Congo to be at his expenses, making it a free state that he managed by armed forces and mercenaries. This made him very rich, taking from Congo every riches he could find, these being under the form of ivory, rubber and many more.

2. Muammar Gaddafi

Muammar Gaddafi

From a revolutionary, to a politician and then head of state, Muammar Gaddafi was known to his people, the evil villain who made a fortune and left them to starve to death rather than help them. Considered the richest man in the world at the time of his death, Gaddafi had for sure a lifestyle that was more than royal.

1. Nicholas II

Nicholas II

The richest person on this list was definitely a royal blood who ruled not only over Russia but also over Poland and Finland. Nicholas II, born in 1868, often declared that he didn’t like to rule, but the lifestyle was so awesome that he couldn’t refuse such a thing, but this didn’t mean that he was a good ruler. The Tsar of Russia was a title that made him from the evil villain who slaughtered his people, who murdered when necessary, to a saint and a martyr, by the Russian Church many years later.

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