11 Extraordinary Animals

Don’t believe in magic? Neither do I, although I write to Santa Clause every year. However, nature always finds way to impress everyone of us, and these particular animals are no exception from the rule. Can you guess what makes them so special? Better go down the list and enjoy these 11 extraordinary animnals.

1. Cardinal Fish: Breathes Fire

Cardinal Fish: Breathes Fire

When swallowed by its arch enemy, the Cardinal fish, a zooplankton called Ostracod secretes a sudden blast of luminescent chemicals. This makes the Cardinal light up like a Times Square billboard, allowing it to survive another day.

2. Pistol Shrimp: Sonic Boom

Pistol Shrimp: Sonic Boom

Despite being less than an inch long, this creature can emit an astonishing 218 decibels, making it louder than a gunshot, just by snapping its claws together. The sound, together with the resulting air bubble, stuns the shrimp’s prey just long enough for it to gobble them up.

3. Tarsier: Night Vision

Tarsier: Night Vision

With enormous eyes, the largest of any mammal, relative to body size, the tarsier has extremely acute eyesight and superb night vision. Each of its eyes more than its brain and is fixed inside its skull.

4. Hummingbird: Levitation

Hummingbird: Levitation

This tiny bird’s narrow, tapered wings and amazing joints make it the only one on Earth that can sustain long-term hovering. They can also fly backwards and change direction almost instantly. Impressive, right?

5. Kangaroo Rat: Lives Without Water

Kangaroo Rat: Lives Without Water

Humans can barely make it three days without water. Yet this little desert rat can survive without it for three years, by nibbling seeds and other plants that contain moisture, and hanging out underground.

6. Sperm Whale: Can Hold Breath For 90 Minutes

Sperm Whale: Can Hold Breath For 90 Minutes

Thanks to electrically-charged proteins in their blood, the sperm whale’s circulatory system carries and stores oxygen more efficiently. Armed with this special protein, sperm whales can dive deep without running out of breath. Can you do that?

7. Plumed Basilisk: Walks On Water

Plumed Basilisk: Walks On Water

This truly amazing super power comes from long toes on the lizard’s rear feet. Tiny air pockets under the lizard’s feet allow it to skim without sinking.

8. Jellyfish: Immortality

Jellyfish: Immortality

Instead of dying when its lifecycle comes to an end, the tiny Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish just transforms itself back into their juvenile polyp state. After a period of time hanging out on the ocean floor, this real-life Benjamin Button regrows its tentacles and starts life all over again. How cool is that?

9. Octopus: Shapeshifter

Octopus: Shapeshifter

Octopuses are lovers, not fighters, so their first line of defense against predators is not to be seen by them at all. Outfitted with specialized skin cells that can change the apparent color, opacity, and reflectivity of its epidermis, the octopus can blend in almost anywhere.

10. Gecko: Walks Up Walls

Gecko: Walks Up Walls

The gecko’s ability to climb walls, hang upside down, and apparently “stick” to anything is the envy of superheroes everywhere. This real life superpower is the result of thousands of tiny hairs and hair-like structures on the lizard’s feet, called setae and spatulae.

11. African Hairy Frog: Wolverine Claws

African Hairy Frog: Wolverine Claws

African hairy frogs, commonly found in Cameroon, have the ability to break their toe bones and transform them into claws when they feel threatened. When something attacks, the frog’s claws bursts from its skin, ready to attack. The X-Men are way behind nature on this one!

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