11 Incredible Locations

Has your mind ever played tricks on you? Sure you have, and it may have been caused by sleep depravation, halucinations or a bit more beers than usual. No matter the reason, do not adjust you screen since what you are about to see are not impressive CGI creations but incredible locations right here, on planet Earth. Check them out!

1. Socotra, Yemen

Socotra, Yemen

Considered the biodiversity jewel of the Arabian Sea, the island of Socotra is home to some of the world’s most incredible scenery. As one of the most isolated islands on earth, Socotra has developed its own bizarre species of plant life. It’s one of the few places on earth that could easily double for an alien planet.

2. Wonderland Amusement Park, China

Wonderland Amusement Park, China

In 1998, the Chinese government halted construction on Asia’s largest amusement park. Wonderland Amusement Park sat completely abandoned for over 15 years before it was razed by the Chinese government in a cleanup project. This spooky amusement park is right out of a 1980s horror movie.

3. Mar Sem Fim, Antarctica

Mar Sem Fim, Antarctica

Brazilian research yacht Mar Sem Fim sank while patrolling Antarctica on April 7th 2012. For over a year, the yacht was stuck not on the ocean floor itself, but under more than 10 feet of Antarctic sea ice, creating this amazing and truly unbelievable image. The vessel was recovered by a team of rescue divers in early 2013.

4. Pripyat, Ukraine

Pripyat, Ukraine

More than 27 years ago, the Chernobyl nuclear reactor exploded, releasing a huge amount of radioactive particles into the atmosphere over Eastern Europe. Workers in the town of Pripyat were evacuated within days, turning the entire area into a terrifying ghost town. Today, Pripyat is still in the same condition as it was during the evacuation. Weird!

5. Tianzi Mountain, China

Tianzi Mountain, China

China’s Tianzi Mountain area looks like an environment out of the 2009 movie Avatar. Filled with limestone pillars, the Tianzi Mountain region’s scenery is so dramatic and beautiful it’s hard to believe it’s really on earth. Scientists believe that the dramatic scenery is the result of geological activity and an extreme amount of water erosion.

6. Lake Kaindy, Kazakhstan

Lake Kaindy, Kazakhstan

At first glance, Kazakhstan’s Lake Kaindy doesn’t look that amazing. But underneath the water is an incredible forest home to hundreds of decaying trees. Nearly 30 meters deep, the lake was formed after a huge limestone landslide pushed an entire forest under the water.

7. Lake Hillier, Western Australia

Lake Hillier, Western Australia

Surrounded by sand and woodland, Lake Hiller is a typical lake in Australia’s isolated Western region – typical aside from its bright pink color. The organisms dunaliella salina and halobacteria interact with the huge concentration of salt in Lake Hiller’s water and give it a bright pink hue.

8. Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

The Waitomo Caves are located in New Zealand’s North Island and are regarded as one of the country’s most amazing natural attractions. Discovered over 100 years ago, the caves look like something out of a science fiction movie. Beautiful blue light is reflected off the river that runs through the caves while dramatic stalactites and stalagmites emerged from the cave’s surface.

9. Christ of the Abyss, Italy

Christ of the Abyss, Italy

Dive beneath the sea of the Italian Riviera and you might discover the world’s most amazing Jesus Christ statue. This incredible statue is submerged beneath 17 meters of water in the Mediterranean Sea. Surrounded by coral reefs and local sea life, the amazing sculpture looks completely at peace with the world.

10. Abraham Lake, Alberta

Abraham Lake, Alberta

This remote lake in Alberta is home to ‘ice bubbles’, bubbles formed when methane gas freezes as its approaches the surface of the lake. The plants at the bottom of Abraham Lake produce methane and as it approaches the surface, it freezes and creates the incredible ‘ice bubbles’ that make the lake look incredible.

11. Derweze, Turkmenistan

Derweze, Turkmenistan

In 1971, Soviet geologists were drilling for oil in remote Turkmenistan. They hit a cavern filled with massive amounts of natural gas and, not wanting to let the huge gas deposit leak out into the nearby area, set it ablaze. 40 years later, the gigantic natural gas pit is still burning.

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