12 Incredible Cruise Experiences

This seems like the best time to to on a cruise. It’s getting cold, windy, and ugly outside, so why not enjoy some deep blue oceans and sunny days? Nowadays, everything is theremed: cars, houses, and why not cruises? Cruises have jumped on the bandwagon and many liners now offer themed cruises, some in sync with the trip’s itinerary while others simply go crazy. Tourist cannot be more happy about that, since they are able to share the same passions and interest as with other people, So, if you’re curious, here are the 12 most unique cruises to buy tickets for.

12. Ice Bar | Incredible Cruise Experiences

Ice Bar | Incredible Cruise Experiences

An ice bar on a cruise? That really isn’t that spectacular if you’re around the cold Norwegian seas. The concept, called the Svedka Ice Bar, is one of Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Epic treats, where guests may enjoy hard drinks and ambient music in a -17 degree atmosphere. The furniture was constructed out of blocks of ice, while you’re kept warm and cozy by thick parkas and gloves. Bottoms up!

11. Bon Appetit Culinary Center

Bon Appetit Culinary Center | Incredible Cruise Experiences

Cooking enthusiasts will enjoy the Bon Appetit Culinary Center, aboard a couple of the Oceania Cruises’ ships. The centers contain 12 cooking stations where two students may train and learn together. The chef instructors are always there, sharing their expert knowledge to anyone and everyone who wants to whip up dishes. Get cooking!

10. Grass on the high seas

Grass on the high seas | Incredible Cruise Experiences

Grass on the sea is unheard of, but I’m guessing Golf fabs will appreciate this. Celebrity Cruises’ Solstice-class ships feature half an acre of real grass growing on their decks, where passengers can partake in picnics, golf-putting or maybe a friendly game of croquet. Some of the ships even offer cabanas for rent, as well as hammocks and lounge chairs. Interesting.

9. The chocaholic cruise

The chocaholic cruise | Incredible Cruise Experiences

Back in 2008, the first ever cruise for chocolate lovers was introduced. Six celebrity dessert chefs went onboard and provided everyone with delectable chocolate dishes like chocolate cakes, truffles, and healthy chocolate treats. Chocolate tastings and chocolate-themed parties were part of the attractions aboard the cruise. Sweet!

8. Dare to be bare

Dare to be bare | Incredible Cruise Experiences

Anyone remember Adam and Eve? If you loved their fashion choice, Bare Necessities Tour and Travel offers nude cruises. Yes, the passengers have the option to walk around the ship in their birthday suits. Also available are activities such as yoga, scuba diving, and even land trips to private islands. I’m not even curious.

7. Shakespeare at sea

Shakespeare at sea | Incredible Cruise Experiences

Geek Cruises and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival came up with a Shakespeare-themed cruise, going around Aruba and the Panama Canal. Performers from the festival came aboard to treat guests to spectacular theatrical shows on the works of the English playwright. Now, that’s more like it!

6. Check mate!

Check mate! | Incredible Cruise Experiences

Geek Cruises are also available, obviously. How about 75 chess enthusiasts enjoying a seven-day Caribbean journey with three chess grandmasters onboard? Lessons and lectures on developing chess strategies preceded a tournament attended and oversaw by the grandmasters.

5. A creepy cruise

A creepy cruise | Incredible Cruise Experiences

Passionate about the haunted and supernatural? This cruise along the River Thames is just what you want, since this cruise follows the travails of the infamous Jack the Ripper and notoriously haunted places like Hampton Court – where the ghost of one of Henry VIII’s many wives hangs around.

4. Knitting onboard

Knitting onboard | Incredible Cruise Experiences

Grandma, pay attention! Knitting is now available on the high seas, with a Norwegian Cruise Line ship offering a knitting-themed cruise to 100 enthusiasts. Passengers travel to Belize and Honduras while getting lessons from five knitting experts, who hold a two-day workshop aboard the ship.

3. Surf’s up!

Surf’s up! | Incredible Cruise Experiences

Surfing is usually done on the beach or in an indoor pool with simulated waves, but the Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship has a FlowRider surf simulator which makes waves while the ship cruises along its itinerary. Passengers can practice as much as they want onboard and once the ship docks they can try actual surfing on the port’s shores.

2. Cruising below

Cruising below | Incredible Cruise Experiences

If you want to take the cruise experience to the next level, Atlantis Submarines offers an extreme underwater experience in Waikiki, Hawaii. Climb aboard the world’s most massive recreational submarine, the Atlantis XIV, and you will descend 100-feet below the surface to enjoy the breathtaking marine life up close.

1. Dog cruise

Dog cruise | Incredible Cruise Experiences

With the number of pet enthusiasts in North America, and around the world increasing, it’s no wonder they didn’t think of a dog-themed cruise sooner! Luxury cruise ship Radiance of the Seas offers dog lovers a one-of-a-kind cruise experience, allowing them to enjoy the Pacific Islands. Some of the activities onboard include seminars on dog training, canine characteristics and behavior, and how to breed dogs. Dogs aren’t allowed aboard the ship!

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