12 Unique Beaches

So, you though going to the beach was an easy choice? There is plenty to choose from, although I doubt you’ve ever seen something so beautiful. So, let’s cut it off and ejoy the 12 most beautiful kind of beaches ever!

12. White Sand Beaches

White Sand Beaches

White sand beaches aren’t unheard of, like those in the Maldives, Fiji, or Hyams Beach; any idea where they come from? It seems they are formed by tiny bits of and coral that most likely accompanied seaweed and other things that the local fish were eating, and couldn’t be digested. Doesn’t sound that beautiful, but the result is breathtaking.

11. Pink Sand Beaches

Pink Sand Beaches

There are more than one pink sand beaches in the world, which is odd since I’ve never seen one. The pink sands are the result of a special kind of foraminifera that live in tiny reddish-pink shells. When they die, these shells remain and get crushed. What do you think?

10. Sea Shell Beaches

Sea Shell Beaches

Every time I get to the seaside I mind myself on a perpetual mission to take home every sea shell I find at the beach. So, places like Shell Beach in Australia or Saint Barthelemy, Jeffreys Bay in South Africa, and Sanibel Island in Florida would drive me insane. The coastline is pure shells, due to lack of predators leading to huge populations of shelled sea-critters or unique geographic positioning. Beautiful, but not comfortable to walk on.

9. Red Sand Beaches

Red Sand Beaches

Looking like a site on Mars, combining volcanic rock and large iron deposits results in red sand beaches. There are three major red sand beaches in the world: Kokkini Beach in Greece, Kaihalulu Beach in Hawaii, and one in the Galapagos. Go on, pay them a visit.

8. Orange Sand Beaches

Orange Sand Beaches

A rare occurrence, the coastline of Ramla Bay in the Maltese Islands becomes a bright orange due to its high iron content. Anyone else thinking Goldeneye?

7. Glass Beaches

Glass Beaches

This incredible beach in Fort Bragg, California was once a major dumping site for garbage from the nearby town. After several restoration projects and environmental cleanup programs, it was found that an entire beach of polished sea glass was hiding underneath.

6. Green Sand Beaches

Green Sand Beaches

There are two beaches in the world with green sand: Papakolea Beach in Hawaii, and Talofofo Beach in Guam. The color can be blamed on the Olivine crystals which are chipped off basalt deposits and washed up onto coasts. It looks a bit odd.

5. Blue Sand Beaches

Blue Sand Beaches

Let’s not kid ourselves, as it’s not really the sand that’s glowing blue. Bioluminescent phytoplankton scattered across the coastline on an island in the Maldives makes for one incredible sight.

4. Geometric Rock Beaches

Geometric Rock Beaches

These striking pillars at the Giants Causeway in Ireland appear to be way too precise to be natural, it looks more like a strange challenge for Hercules. However, they are actually the product of basalt from hardened lava fracturing as it dried. Beautiful.

3. Purple Sand Beaches

Purple Sand Beaches

Looking like a sublime work of art, the exotic purple sands of the Pfeiffer Beach draw their unusual color from manganese garnet granules eroded from deposits littered throughout the region. Who could swim when you could enjoy that view?

2. Black Sand Beaches

Black Sand Beaches

The numerous black sand beaches of the world get their unique color from high concentrations of eroded lava and volcanic rock. Finally, I color I could wear, although having black sand on your skin does sound a bit creepy.

1. Cave Beaches

Cave Beaches

Nothing could be more impressive by some secret beaches inside those caves. The Secret Beach Cave in Mexico and the Algarve Cave Beach in Portugal are possibly the two best examples of cave beaches and one sure way of experiencing something unique.

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