12 Unusual Animal Friendships

Do you have pets? How about friends? Now try to combine the two concepts in your mind and tell me what did you come up with. Animals make for the most loyal friends, but they sometimes have a knack for getting along with just about anyone, or rather any species. Even natural predators can come together, realizing that together life is better; so, it’s worth checking out which are the 12 most unusual animal friendships!

12. Bubbles The Elephant & Bella The Dog

Bubbles The Elephant & Bella The Dog

Bubbles is an African elephant that was rescued from poachers; it now lives at Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina. After a river was added to Bubble’s home, Bubbles met a black Labrador named Bella. The two became fast friends, and are now inseparable. They even play fetch together!

11. Torque the Dog and Shrek the Owl

Torque the Dog and Shrek the Owl

Take a look at this pic and tell me: would you believe a dog and a bird would get along? Torque was only 6 months old when he became buddies with Shrek, an owl; ever since they go together like biscuits and gravy. I wonder what they’re watching.

10. Tinni the Dog & Sniffer the Wild Fox 

Tinni the Dog & Sniffer the Wild Fox

A dog and a wild fox; now, that’s a strange pair. Tinni and Sniffer met outside, in the Norway forests. They sneak off to play, with the dog’s owner hardly keeping up with snapping photos!

9. Fred the Dog and Dennis the Duckling 

Fred the Dog and Dennis the Duckling

This Labrador is so gentle that it made best friends with a duckling! After a fox ate Dennis’s mother, a dog owner helped out the little chick. But no one could have guessed that the dog would end up being the biggest help of all; I mean, just look how cute they look together.

8. Milo the Dog and Bonedigger the Lion

Milo the Dog and Bonedigger the Lion

Rumor has it that lions are ferocious meat-eaters, but after this 500 pound beautiful beast became best friends with 3 tiny dachshunds that theory went out the window. The lion was diagnosed with a metabolic disease that partially disabled him, so the dogs started spending quality time together with the mighty king.

7. Wilma the Ostrich and Bea the Giraffe 

Wilma the Ostrich and Bea the Giraffe

These two share smooches, sunsets, and best of all, friendship. It’s one of those romantic Disney tales; they share a 65-acre enclosure at Busch Gardens (USA), but although there’s plenty of space to run around in, they still hang out.

6. Suryia the Orangutan and Roscoe the Dog

Suryia the Orangutan and Roscoe the Dog

One day Roscoe the dog followed Suryia back to her home at a sanctuary for endangered animals in the US. Ever since then, the dog has stayed and the two have remained the best of friends. I wonder what they talk about all day.

5. Candy The Dog & Mani The Wild Boar Piglet 

Candy The Dog & Mani The Wild Boar Piglet

After the Dahlhaus family rescued Manni, the wild boar piglet, it met Candy the Jack Russell and it was instant friendship. It’s like Babe in the city meets Frasier.

4. Tiger Cubs & Anjana the Chimpanzee 

Tiger Cubs & Anjana the Chimpanzee

A hurricane caused these 2 tiger cubs to become separated from their mother. They were adopted by a U.S. animal reserve, so that’s take ncare of, while Anjana the Chimpanzee took the little cubs in as her own. There’s mommy!

3. Wild Rabbit & Deer 

Wild Rabbit & Deer

This is Bambi, all over again – without the sand ending. These two were spotted by wildlife photographer Tanja Askani, although the reason surrounding their unique friendship remains a mystery. Any ideas?

2. Pippin the Deer and Kate the Dog

Pippin the Deer and Kate the Dog

Kate and Pippin first became friends when Pippin was only a baby deer.Although the deer now lives in the forest, with its own family, but she still comes back to visit Kate regularly. They keep in touch!

1. Kasi the Cheetah & Mtani the Dog  

Kasi the Cheetah & Mtani the Dog

This one is pretty unlikely. These two have been pals since they were tiny, and to this day they still hang out together. Who knew a cat and a dog could be friends? – OK, feline; same difference.

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