12 Valuable Celebrity Fragrances

Let’s face it, these days you’re not really a celebrity until you have your own fragrance. There’s also more to be dones, such as enter the fashion industry, collaborate with car manufacturers or sports products; but, a fragrance will definitely put you on the map. Anyone from athletes, to movie stars, to musicians, have created multiple signature scents, and continue to profit immensely from them. Celebrity scents, which are typically more affordable than those from the big perfume houses (i.e Chanel, Dior), account for 40% of sales within the fragrance industry.

The following list contains 12 very valuable celebrities and their popular fragrances.

12. Sean Combs – Unforgivable

 Sean Combs – Unforgivable

Sean Combs, better known as Puff daddy or P.diddy, reportedly collects $17.5 million annually from his fragrance Unforgivable. A large portion of Sean Comb’s $700 million net worth derives from his fragrance line alone. Unforgivable is one of the pricer celebrity fragrances on the list, retailing anywhere from $69-$300 per bottle.

11. Lady Gaga – FAME

Lady Gaga – FAME

Lady Gaga released her first signature scent FAME, in 2012. The pop-star reveals that among the ingredients of crushed heart of tiger orchidea and pulverized apricot, are biological ingredients like a hint of her own blood sample, and semen. The source of semen is unclear, though rumors of Lady G’s true gender have ironically come into question in the past. FAME has sold over 50 million bottles since its debut in 2012, and has since been followed by a second signature scent Eau de Gaga, released in August 2014.

10. Derek Jeter – Driven

Derek Jeter – Driven

In 2006, Professional Baseball player Derek Jeter partnered with Avon to create Driven, his first cologne. To date, sales are upwards of $30 million and the cologne was ranked the second best selling fragrance by Euromonitor, just 4 years ago.

9. Jay Z – Gold

Jay Z – Gold

In November 2014, hip hop icon Jay-Z released his premier cologne in collaboration with department store Barney’s. The signature scent was released to rave reviews, and quickly claimed the number one spot for the highest selling fragrance of the year. Gold reportedly sold 3 times as many bottles as Red Lacoste, only a month after its release.

8. Sarah Jessica Parker – Lovely

Sarah Jessica Parker – Lovely

In 2010, Sex & The City star Sarah Jessica Parker’s perfume collection had sales of over $45 million. The first of which Lovely, made its debut in 2004 and sold $60 million worth in the first 2 years following its release. Her best selling perfumes reportedly account for nearly $10 million of her $90 million net worth.

7. Justin Bieber – Someday

Justin Bieber – Someday

Justin Bieber very wisely released his first fragrance, Someday in 2011, in the midst of the bieber-fever epidemic that swept the world. The perfume sold over $3 million within the first month of its launch. Just a year later, he followed up with his second fragrance Girlfriend, which was launched exclusively at The Perfume Shop, and reportedly sold a bottle every minute during its opening week.

6. Paris Hilton – Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton – Paris Hilton

Although the heiress has maintained a low profile in recent years, Paris Hilton’s perfume brands, a total of 17, have withstood the test of time, collectively worth an estimated $2 billion to date. The socialite has been able to pocket nearly 10% of those sales and reportedly credits her great aunt Elizabeth Taylor, who was formerly married to her great uncle Conrad Hilton Jr, for inspiring her to become a perfume mogul.

5. Beyonce – Heat

Beyonce – Heat

Despite having an actively successful career throughout the early millennium, megastar Beyonce didn’t launch her first fragrance until as recently as 2010. Naturally Heat flew off the shelves upon its release, where Beyonce sat at Macy’s Signing autographs for the first hour. In 2013, Beyonce’s Heat was named the best selling celebrity fragrance brand worldwide, and has to date, exceeded $400 million in retail sales.

4. Celine Dion – Celine Dion

Celine Dion – Celine Dion

Legendary Chanteuse Celine Dion’s eight fragrance brands have sold a collective $850 million to date. Celebrities are typically guaranteed 5-10% of fragrance retail sales, which means Celine has pocketed anywhere from $42.5 million – $85.5 million in profits. The singer has said that Mimosa and wood are in nearly every one of her fragrances because they remind her of her childhood in Canada.

3. Jennifer Lopez – Glow by JLo

Jennifer Lopez – Glow by JLo

Over the past decade, Jennifer Lopez has reportedly pocketed over $82 million from her numerous fragrances, most notably her first, Glow. With her first signature scent released in 2002, JLo is credited with the revival of the celebrity endorsed fragrance, which was initially popularized by Elizabeth Taylor, but faded out by the late 1980’s.

2. Britney Spears – Curious

Britney Spears – Curious

Pop princess Britney Spears’ debut fragrance Curious, is one of the highest selling celebrity fragrances of all time. Her fragrance line is among the more affordable brands with the cheapest bottle retailing for about $21. In total, Britney has created 16 scents, the first of which to date is still the most popular. The superstar reportedly receives 6% of fragrance sales as of 2004, and to date, has sold over $2 billion worth of perfume across the globe, guaranteeing the singer a profit of $120 million.

1. Elizabeth Taylor – White Diamonds

Elizabeth Taylor – White Diamonds

Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor, who starred in over 70 feature films, reportedly earned more money from her fragrances than all of her movies combined. Her debut fragrance Passion, which launched in 1987, sold $100 million by 1991, the year she launched her most famous fragrance, White Diamonds. Elizabeth’s debut scent generated astounding sales of $80 million as recently as 2010, the year before the actress’s death.

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