13 Beautiful Frozen Bodies Of Water

Water is a blessing, a key ingredient to life and stunning to look. Every year, as the temperature starts to dip down and the clouds creep to cover the sun, lakes, ponds, and oceans freeze for the winter months. It may sound as a bad thing, but frozen water becomes beautiful in a whole new way. The formation of frozen water causes unique patterns, bubbles, jagged lines, and snowflakes to become encased in the ice, suspended beneath the surface, like a decorative piece of artwork. Stunning, right?

1. Emerald Ice On Baikal Lake, Russia 

Emerald Ice On Baikal Lake, Russia

Doesn’t this scenery look as coming out of a Sci-Fi scnery? Marvelous!

2. Bright Blue Pond, Japan 

Bright Blue Pond, Japan

There’s  something about the tranquil blue pond paired with the stunning white trees that calms me down.

3. Bubbles, Abraham Lake, Canada

Bubbles, Abraham Lake, Canada

These bubbles sure look gorgeous, but they are actually explosive. These bubbles form due to methane gas trapped beneath the ice. When spring arrives and the ice begins to melt, the bubbles will pop and release the methane gas into the atmosphere. Watch out!

4. Lake Druzhby, Antarctica 

Lake Druzhby, Antarctica

Fresh water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and seawater freezes at around 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit due to salinity. Oddly enough, frozen salt water doesn’t contain much salt because only the water freezes.

5. Ice Rider, Siberia, Russia

Ice Rider, Siberia, Russia

Would you have taken the horse out on a stroll, that day? Ice appears glorious, but it can quickly turn deadly without the proper precautions.

6. Frost Flowers, Arctic Ocean

Frost Flowers, Arctic Ocean

Many people often wonder if the ocean can freeze over. At any given time of the year, at least 15% of the ocean is covered by sea ice. I didn’t know that.

7. Mesmerizing Patterns In A Frozen Pond

Mesmerizing Patterns In A Frozen Pond

I’m not sure what I’m looking at, but I’m sure it’s stunning.

8. Baikal Lake, Russia

Baikal Lake, Russia

Located in Siberia, Lake Baikal is the largest freshwater lake in the entire world, and accounts for around 20% of the world’s unfrozen fresh water. It measures 5,387 feet in depth, marking it as the deepest and clearest lake in the world. And at 25-million-years-old, Lake Baikal is also believed to be the oldest.

9. Northern Baikal, Russia 

Northern Baikal, Russia

Just look at this strange formation of ice and tell me: isn’t it simply beautiful?

10. Lake Michigan, Chicago, USA

Lake Michigan, Chicago, USA

This scenery looks like someon chopped off different-sized piece of ice, and let them loose into the ocean.

11. The Sea Ice Of Mcmurdo Sound, The Ross Sea, Antarctica 

The Sea Ice Of Mcmurdo Sound, The Ross Sea, Antarctica

I don’t know why these strange lines have formed on the surface, but it looks like ice rinkles. Strange, right?

12. Lake Erie, Marblehead, Ohio

Lake Erie, Marblehead, Ohio

Does anyone else think about superman’s lair while looking at this pic? just checking.

13. Green Frozen Pond, Hokkaido, Japan

Green Frozen Pond, Hokkaido, Japan

This lake is known to change colors with each passing day, making it one of the most beautifully varied locations in the world.

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