13 of the Coolest Treehouses You’ll Ever Sleep in

Anyone remember the days spent in your treehouse? There is no reason for you not to experience that unique feeling now, that you work hard, play harder and pay them bills, especially since resorts are offering treetop accommodation. As it turns out, I’ve prepared a list of the 13 coolest treehouses you could spend the night in. How you do it, and with whom, that’s your business.

13. Tsala Treetop Lodge, South Africa

Tsala Treetop Lodge, South Africa

Tsala Treetop Lodge

Tsala is stunning and impressive just by looking at this pic; imagine being there! Located along South Africa’s Garden Route, the accommodations here include beautiful decorations, private decks, a fireplace, and a swimming pool. This is an  interesting concept, to be diving into a pool while still on a tree. I f you like it, you know know where to find it.

12. Four Seasons, Costa Rica

Four Seasons, Costa Rica

The treehouse at Four Seasons Costa Rica is interesting and annoying at the same time; it’s like the neighbors treehouse, cooler than yours without even trying. Well, at $1825 a night, the Four Seasons should. You can even opt out for a 3 bedroom suite at $2575 a night. And, $625 will buy you a massage and sea salt foot soak at the spa and sauna. That’s one tree no one wants to jump off of.

11. Tongabezi, Zambia

Tongabezi, Zambia

If you’ve ever wondered what Paradise looks like, feel free to take a trip to Zambia. Deep inside the territory, Tongabezi is situated among the branches of an ebony tree on the banks of the Zambezi river. It’s said that if you listen closely you’ll hear the thunder of Victoria Falls. I’m not sure about that, but judging by this view, it’s the closest to Heaven most of us sinners are ever gonna get.

10. Chewton Glen, England

Chewton Glen, England

To say Chewton Glen is a treehouse is probably blasphemy. This futuristic looking and one of a kind place features connecting suites, which is more you could say about your treehouse. Luxurious in every way, this is the best place to leave the Earth without giving up on any of the modern accommodations you’ve become so accustomed to. Hell, it looks way better than my house, that’s for sure!

9. Daintree Eco Lodge and Spa, Australia

Daintree Eco Lodge and Spa, Australia

Now, tell me this scenery doesn’t just look dreamy? As if pulled out of a Disney movie, the rainforest bayan at Daintree Lodge houses this unique treehouse, featuring a door, and a jacuzzi. Now, the door isn’t really impressive, but the latter.. Besides, the Daintree is about 135 million years old and is the world’s oldest living rainforest. With the Great Barrier Reef close-by, there’s nothing much to complain about.

8. Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

Looking freakishly close to an AI bent on destroying the human species, this treehouse located among the trees of Vancouver Island’s rainforest features one unique design. There are more than one, actually, and each of the three circular treehouses is suspended by ropes, and designed to sway with the movement of the trees – a nice piece of engineering, actually. Also worth mentioning is that all the spheres have girls’ names, so the next time you say you love Sandra it might mean something else and your girl can relax.

7. Parrot Nest Lodge, Belize

Parrot Nest Lodge, Belize

Parrot Nest Lodge is the nice way to take a sip of the tropics. You may enjoy the giant Guanacaste or Elephant Ear Tree, and the crystal waters of the Mopan river; not to mention that there’s a bounty of wildlife to be seen, including the giant iguana, who also sleeps in trees and has a fondness for paisley bed covers. If you get bored, feel free to go along medicine trails and jungle walks, while surrounded with parrots.

6. Bagthorpe Treehouse, England

Bagthorpe Treehouse, England

Loking classic and stylish, and a bit rough around the edges, this particular place can be found beneath the Holm oak, nicely insulated for year-round stays. It allows you to savor its copper bathtub big enough for two, just in case you get lonely. Hey, it’s way better than Robinson Crusoe had, even if it looks a bit restrianed compared to other treehouses on our list.

5. Finca Bellavista, Costa Rica

Finca Bellavista, Costa Rica

A residential treehouse community in a relatively untouched part of the Costa Rican rainforest is something I would have never though of. But, someone did, which is why you might enjoy this one. With treehouses available for rent, guests may actually get away from urban living and live, even if for a short while, among indigenous people in a rainforest ecosystem helping to promote the preservation of environment and species. Unplug, will you?

4. Chole Mjini, Tanzania

Chole Mjini, Tanzania

Chole is a tropical island south of Zanzibar, just off the Tanzanian coast. This is the place where you get to sleep in a baobab tree, if you enjoy such things. The Chole Mjini tree resort features seven treehouses to choose from, with each and every one hand-built. Since this is a place to listen for the call of the wild, we could not have it any other way.

3. Bangkok Treehouse, Thailand

Bangkok Treehouse, Thailand

The Bangkok Treehouse is the modern and minimalist way of living among the treetops. Supposedly inspired by Walden, this concept looks like kids climbed the trees and fitted a bed up there; all nice and dandy, but a roof does come in handy once in a while. Guests will even find two beds on a river, but that’s not very safe for a heavy sleeper or someone who gets up in the middle in the night.

2. Aqua Wellness Resort, Nicaragua

Aqua Wellness Resort, Nicaragua

Tell someone you’re living in a tree in Nicaragua and they might start to feel sorry for you. You wish! Check out them Pacific views and the plunge pool, not to mention the lava stone pathways through ginger plants and banana groves and you’ve got yourself one blissful story. Add the slate shower or the white sand beach into the equation, and you might just get in the mood fora holiday

1. Costa Rica Treehouse, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Treehouse, Costa Rica

Ten acres of Pacific Ocean property in Punta Uva Beach and a six-night Adventure Package which includes a jaguar rescue. Now, that’s the perfect recipce of making the misses forget about all your mishaps over the year. Take her on an iguana conservation tour with optional massage, and allow her to chill out inside these beautiful treehouses, surrounded by exotic plants and unique views, and I guarantee you may act naughty for the next year or so.

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