13 Interesting Facts About Your Own Body

The human body seems familiar, easy to use and maintain – but it’s not none of those things, and scientists proove it every day. There are now over 7 billion people living on the planet, similar in various ways. Our bodies are capable of amazing things and the facts listed beloware simply mind blowing. Have you ever wondered at what even the smallest parts of your body can do? Check it out!

13. We Can See For 30 Miles

We Can See For 30 Miles

Our eyes will never be as powerful as an eagle’s, and we don’t need it to be. The human eye is so sensitive that, if the earth were completely flat, we could clearly see a flickering candle up to 30 miles away. I think that will suffice.

12. Nerve Impulses Run At 250 MpH

Nerve Impulses Run At 250 MpH

The sensation of pain is basically instant, no matter what the cause. Our highly advanced nervous system reacts in less than milliseconds to things we should be staying away from. Nerve impulses are so fast that the electric signals responsible for sensation travel to and from the brain at an average speed of 250 miles per hour – that’s faster than most super-cars.

11. More atoms than stars in the universe

More atoms than stars in the universe

All matter is made from molecules, and molecules are made from atoms. A human adult is made up of 7 octillion atoms (a 7 with 27 zeros after it), and that’s a pretty big number ot grasp. Supposedly, that’s more than double the known stars in the universe.

10. Bones Strong as Granite

Bones Strong as Granite

Sure, you may break your bones – please don’t – but bone is as strong as granite. Just one block of bone about the size of a matchbox can support more than 8 tonnes of weight. How about that?

9. DNA shared with Fruit

DNA shared with Fruit

You might have already heard that humans are only one chromosome different than chimpanzees. DNA is so precise that the slightest change can turn you into a whole new species; oddly enough, humans share 50% of their DNA with the normal, ordinary, and delicious banana. So, you’re almost related to your breakfast!

8. Our Cells Never Stop Reproducing 

Our Cells Never Stop Reproducing

Cells are the body’s building blocks. Every second, the human body produces 25 million new cells – or, every 13 seconds, more cells than the population of the United States. Wow!

7. Glow in the Dark

Glow in the Dark

Like deep sea creatures, humans are naturally bioluminescent, so we glow in the dark. However, the light we emit is incredible low; obviously, since I’ve never ben found in the dark without a flashlight. However, this is why infra-red and other cool gadgets work.

6. Most of Our Cells are not Human

Most of Our Cells are not Human

Out of the billions of cells that make up the human body, only about 10% is actually “human.” The other 90% is made up of various fungi and bacteria, which actually creeps me out a bit..

5. 1000 Miles of Lung Capillaries 

1000 Miles of Lung Capillaries

If you stretched out the 300,000,000 capillaries in your lungs end to end, the line would extend from Seattle to San Diego, or about 1300 miles. Think about that as you breathe in.

4. Our Tears Know our Emotions

Our Tears Know our Emotions

Human beings produce differently structured tears depending on the reason we’re crying. That’s right! Emotions like grief, guilt, sadness, or happiness cause the molecular structure of tears to dramatically change. No tear is exactly alike at the molecular level.

3. Our hearts are stronger than any other muscle

Our hearts are stronger than any other muscle

The human heart needs to be strong enough to pump blood throughout every vein in the body, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Studies have shown that the heart is capable orf beating much more than we live, on average. But that doesn’t mean that working out, for example, shortens your lifespan.

2. Our Sneezes are stronger than wind

Our Sneezes are stronger than wind

Sneezing has a practical function. It clears the nasal cavity and throat of any congestion or blockage. The force of a sneeze is so powerful that it can exceed speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. Officer, arrest this man; he’s got a cold!

1. Our height changes every day, more than once

Our height changes every day, more than once

The human body grows during the night, with the absence of gravity pusing it towards the ground. Humans are 1 centimetre taller in the morning than they are in the evening. Throughout the day, discs in the spine start to compress, and the body gets shorter.

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