13 Outrageous Roads

If roads represented a lifetime, the twists and turns of the road would represent all the fun, excitement, and surprises waiting just around the corner. Speaking of which, once you get behind the steering wheel and drive along one of these roads, your life is gonna get a whole lot more interesting, not to mention exciting.

As you hurtle around each bend in the road, you’ll sense the danger but also the thrills of being alive. These 13 roads below will test your driving skills to the max, as well as your patience and your car’s technical state; so, get the proper ride, put on your seat belt, turn on the ignition, and get going!

1. Winding Road, Tibet

Winding Road, Tibet

You won’t be able to drive in Tibet, but hiring a driver and a Land Cruiser to take you around sounds just as fun. You will, however, feel every pot hole and gravel road you come across which can be plenty, especially off the main roads, far from the main city of Llhasa.

2. Rowena Plateau, Oregon

Rowena Plateau, Oregon

Better slow down on those hairpin turns as you climb your way up from Rowena, Oregon to the plateau above, which overlooks the Columbia River. It may look easy, but this is a tough one; if the back of your car is drifting and you hear a screeching sound as you navigate the turns, then you might be going a tad fast.

3. Pienza, Italy

Pienza, Italy

The town of Pienza is designated as a World Heritage Site so as you tranquilly make your way through the picturesque rural roads leading into town, you may be imagining all the renaissance art and architecture you are about to see.

4. Taos Village, New Mexico

Taos Village, New Mexico

Drivers can enjoy the Enchanted Circle, the route that circumnavigates the area in this little corner of New Mexico. The section on Highway 64, between Taos Village and Angel Fire to the east, could be tricky for some newbie drivers with its narrow road and endless turn after turn after turn.

5. Door County, Wisconsin

Door County, Wisconsin

Just at the end of Highway 42 at the tip of Door Peninsula, hold on tight to your steering wheel or better yet the handlebars of your motorcycle as you weave back and forth on the section designed by the famed landscape architect Jens Jensen, who was probably a bit bored that day.

6. A Countryside Stone Road, Ireland

A Countryside Stone Road, Ireland

Ireland, a country of green and pastoral fields, has its own driving hazards. Watch out for farm tractors and other heavy equipment lumbering slowly across the rural roads. I guess a smooth glass of whiskey would make everything better!

7. General’s Highway, Sequoia National Park

General’s Highway, Sequoia National Park

Be careful not to enjoy the scenery too much as you drive through Sequioa National Park on General’s Highway, especially with all the switchbacks along the way. Stick with the 10 mph speed limit and you’ll be fine – that sounds too boring for me!

8. Old La Honda Road, California

Old La Honda Road, California

Just south-west of Palo Alto you’ll be able to test your mettle, as you make your ascent through redwood forests and greenery that surround you from all sides. Stunning scenery, isn’t it?

9. Cloudland Road, Pomfret, Vermont

Cloudland Road, Pomfret, Vermont

Get your head out of the cloud as you drive down Cloudland Road towards the famed Sleepy Hallow farm scene. The surrounding mountains and forests with old secluded farms put you back in the time of America’s colonial past.

10. Penang Hill, Malaysia

Penang Hill, Malaysia

While there is a road leading up to Penang Hill, it is private and meant for the local residents. Most tourists take the funicular train to the top to witness the spectacular view of Georgetown, Malaysia. Sorry for that!

11. Valley Fire Road, Nevada

 Valley Fire Road, Nevada

Watch your tires burn rubber with temperatures reaching up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (or 49 degrees Celsius). There’s a reason why it was named Valley Fire Road, the main road that leads in Valley of Fire State Park, the oldest state park in Nevada.

12. Haleakala Highway, Hawaii

Haleakala Highway, Hawaii

Also known as Crater Road, Haleakala Highways takes you up the 10,000-feet summit on the island of Maui. Watch your speed as you steer around blind turns, multiple switchbacks, and steep drop-offs that do not have guardrails.

13. Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park, Utah

It doesn’t get any better than this! The majestic sandstone rocks jutting out all around you, sounds dreamy,. but watch the road ahead for tourists who have pulled their cars off the road.

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