15 Bizarre International Borders

Politics have led to some rather strange sights.  I usually ignore politicians and their opinions for reasons I’d rather not discuss right now; but I guess everyone understands that. However, missunderstandings and argues at such a high level of society often result in unpredictable and strange consequences, like say these 15 bizzare international borders featured within this list. Check it out!

15. Norway and Sweden

Norway and Sweden

This one is simply mermerizing. I’d stay there the entire day, boil a hot tea and just enjoy.

14. Netherlands and Belgium

Netherlands and Belgium

This rather relaxed border runs through the town of Baarle, essentially splitting the town in two – literally. Even some building suffer from this.

13. United States and Russia

United States and Russia

The Diomede Islands are on either side of the Russia-US border. Despite being a mere 2.4 miles apart, the Russian island is 21 hours ahead of the American island. Weird, right?

12. United States and Canada

United States and Canada

At 5,500 miles, this long clearing in the trees marks the US-Canadian border. The vast border runs directly through the small town of Derby Line, cutting several buildings in half. Awkward.

11. Poland and Ukraine

Poland and Ukraine

These two fish, designed by artist Jaroslaw Koziara symbolize the unity and trading between the two countries, but I”m still confused about the border.

10. Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil

 Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil
Well, your  guess is as good as mine regarding this one. I guess swimmin here is of a political nature.

9. Germany and Czech Republic

Germany and Czech Republic

Simply beautiful, and I just had to share it with you. But the only place where Germany and the Czech Republic “meet”.

8. Germany and Poland

Germany and Poland

The bridge over the Oder river, from Poland to Germany, was blown up by the Red Army in 1945. No explanation needed.

7. Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana

Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana

The magnificent Mt Roraima marks a triple border divided amongst the three countries. I see no Border Patrol units, though.

6. Argentina and Brazil

Argentina and Brazil

The Iguazu Falls acts as the border between these two countries. I guess crossing on the other side is out of the question.

5. Brazil and Bolivia

Brazil and Bolivia

This shocking border shows the different levels of rainforest protection in these countries. It’s a bit sad, actually.

4. Germany and the Czech Republic

Germany and the Czech Republic

I told you! This border shows two rather different approaches to a bark beetle infestation. Germany culled and replanted the tress whereas on the Czech Republic side, the trees were neglected. I guess there’s a strict beetle policy – visa required!

3. Austria and Slovenia

Austria and Slovenia

Have you ever seen something similar to this? Stunning.

2. Spain and Morocco

Spain and Morocco

Ceuta is a small Spanish city located on the north coast of North Africa and surrounded by Morocco. A tall wall surrounds the city. I’d love to take a drive there, at night.

1. India and Pakistan Himalaya Border

India and Pakistan Himalaya Border

Well, I’ll bet you a six pack you don’t dare cross over this particular border. And, if you do, you’re worth it!


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