15 Bizarre Snack Time Treats

Getting home is a treat, after a hard day at the offuce, You just want to chill out, get a cold drink and get those movies going. Obviously, some treats are neccesary: popcorn, chips, chocolate. I’m not sure what your flavor is, but I doubt you’ll find stranger treats than the 15 bizzarre snacks on this list. I mean, some look edible, but others.. not so much. And you thought the waffle-taco was novel.

15. Salmiakki, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands

Salmiakki, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands
An incredibly popular treat in Denmark, Finland, and the Netherlands, Salmiakki is basically salty black licorice. Like, the saltiest and blackest licorice you can possibly imagine. Who comes up with this stuff?

14. Kanikko, Japan

Kanikko, Japan
Kannikko Crab Snack are basically a bag of salty, candied real baby crabs. Basically, the Japanese version of hamburgers.

13. Beondegi, Korea

Beondegi, Korea
These are overtly silkworm pupa, served up steamed and seasoned at food carts and bars around Korea. I’ll pass, thank you!

12. Falafel Bissli, Israel

Falafel Bissli, Israel
This popular crunchy wheat snack comes in a variety of exciting flavors and shapes, but none as interesting as these “falafel” noodle crisps. Sometimes I think things have gone too far.

11. Guinea Pig, Peru

Guinea Pig, Peru
I doubt that, when your kid asked for a guinea pig, he or she had this in mind. I have never had a guinea pig as a pet, but I’m guessing this Peruvian is pretty hard to swallow.

10. Casu Marzu, Italy

Casu Marzu, Italy
Casu Marzu is one of the most controversial cheeses in the world, largely due the fact that during the cheese-making process, fly larvae are purposefully allowed to infest the cheese, giving it a unique flavor profile and texture. If that’s not weird, I do’t know what is. On an interesting note: these larvae are capable of jumping about half a foot, and will do so if agitated.

9. Zhuxie Gao, Taiwan

Zhuxie Gao, Taiwan
Zhuxie Gao is a popular cake made from rice and pig blood. Why blood, I wonder? And, why pig? Unicorn blood would have been sweeter.

8. Tavuk Gögsü, Turkey

Tavuk Gögsü, Turkey
Tavuk Gögsü is a chicken and milk pudding dessert dish that has been a Turkish favorite since the Ottoman Empire. It looks normal, though.

7. Mackie’s Whisky and Haggis Crisps, Scotland

Mackie's Whisky and Haggis Crisps, Scotland
The world has gone crazy with flavored potato chips. Take a look at the most Scottish chip that is possible. The brand hopes that this will be a gateway to popularizing the haggis flavor in America. Too bad you can’t really buy them there, yet.

6. Raw Herring Sandwich, Netherlands

Raw Herring Sandwich, Netherlands
I love sushi, but a raw herring sandwich with pickles and onions has never been something I might have considered putting in my body. It is healthy, that’s for sure; and in the Netherlands, people love it. This is actually one of their national dishes.

5. Salo, Ukraine

Salo, Ukraine
Salo is a salt-cured cut of pig fat. It’s like bacon, minus any redeeming nutritive value. I bet it’s delicious!

4. Deep Fried Tarantula, Cambodia

Deep Fried Tarantula, Cambodia
For about $0.08 USD, you could try out a deep-fried, palm-size tarantula. A textural adventure to eat, the frying process leaves the legs of the tarantula hard, but gives the exterior of the body and head a nice crunch. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll probably also encounter a “brown paste consisting of organs, possibly eggs, and excrement.” Not interested!

3. Balut, Philippines

Balut, Philippines
In the Philippines, Balut is a partially developed baby duck that’s boiled and eaten in the shell, typically in a sauce of chili, garlic, vinegar, and salt. Apparently the duck embryos are aged based on local preference, and are prepared either before or after such features as the beak, feathers, bones, and claws form. And we wonder why aliens haven’t contacted us yet.

2. Fish And Chip Gelato, Australia

Fish And Chip Gelato, Australia
The Kailis’ “Fish and Chip” gelato is apparently as dreadful as it sounds. It seems the gelato doesn’t taste particularly good, it also doesn’t taste particularly like fish or chips, so what are we looking at here?

1. Century Eggs, China

Century Eggs, China
Century Eggs are made by taking eggs, and then doing everything to them you’re not supposed to do with food. This includes storing them in a proprietary blend of rice hulls, clay, quicklime, ash and salt for weeks to months. But dig them up, and they’re ready to eat. I guess this is the pollitically correct definition for “acquired taste”.

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