15 Bizarre Spa Treatments

The search for a miracle cure for aging has been raging for centuries. Besides, those seyx ladies you drool at every day don’t just appear or happen by accident; sure, there’s a dose of PhotoShop mixed in the photo-shoot,s bu when on the road or hitting the club, that option is not available for any of the famous women we know. So, how do they do iut? How do they stay all hot and sexy round the clock?

The best natural treatments are often found in the priciest spas around the world, which each country and region having its own belief in how the treatments benefit spa goers. Here are the 15 most bizarre spa treatments we could find.

15. Golden Facial

Golden Facial

Most of us like gold, but have you ever thought about wearing it on your face? At several high-end spas around the world, 24-carat gold masks are available for spa goers who are willing to pay for them. The mask is made from pure gold leaf that is then applied to the face. Anyone alese thinking Midas?

14. Sheep Placenta Treatment

Sheep Placenta Treatment

A little sheep’s placenta might be able to help you, or so it is thought. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham enjoy spas in Hollywood, Los Angeles and New York City which offer the sheep’s placenta treatment to those searching for a youthful look. Apparently, the sheep placenta contains high levels of iron, proteins, amino acids, and enzymes that combat skin aging.

13. Vampire Facial

Vampire Facial

Kim Kardashian posted a picture of herself on Instagram during her very gruesome “vampire facial”; obviously, women everywhere are now rushing to get these gruesome treatments. As you can see in the image, the facial isn’t called a vampire facial for nothing; it seems that blood is removed from your arm and then processed to separate out the plasma and platelets from the red blood cells. Then the plasma is injected back into your face. Too much?

12. Fish Exfoliation

Fish Exfoliation

How about a fish pedicure? With this treatment your feet are just chewed on by tiny fish that enjoy the taste of dead skin. The fish is actually called a garra rufa fish, or a “doctor fish”. In the wild, the tiny fish survive by sucking the dead scales off of other fish. In a spa, the fish survive by sucking and nibbling the dead skin off of spa goers’ feet.

11. Fire Cupping

Fire Cupping

Fire cupping is an ancient Chinese practice that requires special cups to be heated and then placed on a person’s skin. The skin is drawn up into the cup, increasing blood flow in the area. During fire cupping, the cup is left on your skin for approximately ten minutes. This allows impurities to be removed from the body.

10. Snake Massage

Snake Massage

Massages are supposed to improve blood flow and aid in stress relief, and I agree that this particular one would definitely work on me. I would get so freaked out, my blood would by rushing through my veins like a Formula 1 car. Israel’s latest snake massage probably won’t serve to lower your stress levels.

9. Caviar Facial

Caviar Facial

Caviar is known to be a luxurious appetizer for the elite. But some spa goers would rather put their appetizer on their face than in their mouths. At the Ritz-Carlton’s La Prairie Spa, the White Caviar Illuminating Facial uses golden caviar as the main ingredient in its super pricey treatment. Now, that’s a waste!

8. Kiln Sauna

Kiln Sauna

Saunas are a mainstay of most U.S. spas. In Korea, the saunas are a lot more extreme; instead of a small room that’s mildly hot, the Korean kiln sauna looks like feature a very low entrance and temperatures that reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You won’t see men and women roaming around in luxurious bathrobes at these saunas. Everyone must wear a jute blanket to protect themselves from the extreme heat.

7. Hay Bath

Hay Bath

Hay is for horses, right? Wrong. Apparently it can also be used as a luxurious spa treatment.  In Italy, visitors of the Heuband Spa take part in hay baths, which are said to reduce rheumatic issues and revitalize the body. How does hay do this, precisely?

6. Beer Bath

Beer Bath

Everyone likes a beer now and then, but have you ever thought of taking a bath in beer? Well, probably; when the waiter is late with your order and you feel thirsty. Spa goers at the Chodovar Brewery in the Czech Republic can opt for a simple beer bath or a beer bath combined with a partial or full massage.

5. Snail Facial

Snail Facial

The Labo Salon in Tokyo, Japan is now offering snail facials. A few snails are placed on your face and left to slither around for a while. When the gastropods have covered every inch of your face they are removed, leaving behind a thick coating of their slime. It ain’t pretty!

4. Black Pepper Body Rub

Black Pepper Body Rub

Visitors of the Pho Tree Thai Spa in New York City can order a tingling black pepper body scrub for the low cost $135. The body scrub consists of an initial slathering of green tea moisturizer. Then black pepper is rubbed all over the body, creating a tingling effect. Finally, the body is covered in  extracts of live silkworms. I’m OK with the pepper, but worms?

3. Bull Semen Hair Treatment

Bull Semen Hair Treatment

Bull semen is a main ingredient in the hair conditioning treatment at Hari’s Spa in London – don’t forget energy drinks and Taurine. According to the Hari’s, the bull semen is refrigerated and does not smell when applied to the hair. When applied to the hair, the conditioner penetrates the roots, infusing them with essential vitamins and proteins and locks in moisture. That sounds a bit X-rated.

2. Cryotherapy Chamber

Cryotherapy Chamber

How about stepping into negative 166 degree Fahrenheit temperatures wearing nothing but a bathing suit? The Haikko Spa in Finland offers cryotherapy treatment. Anything longer than 3 minutes would cause hypothermia and possible death. Cryotherapy treatments are said to boost the immune system and tone skin, if you can handle it.

1. Feces Facial

Feces Facial

First there were facials made from plant extracts, then there were crushed diamond facials. Now, there are feces facials which use nightingale poop to be exact. Manhattan’s very brave Shizuka New York Day Spa was the first to advertise their latest, and most cringeworthy facial. It’s new to the United States but bird poop facials in fact come from ancient Japan. The Shizuka Spa asserts that the bird droppings are sanitized and powdered under a UV light, which apparently makes putting feces on your face acceptable, at least in theory.


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