15 of the Most Expensive Things Money Can Buy

Cars, properties, diamonds – it’s a long list. But I bet you won’t think about half of the things on this list.So, are you ready to go down the list of the most expensive things out there? I know you’re not prepared to pay for them, that’s for sure! Check it out!

15. Rhodium: $45/gram, $1,270/ounce

Rhodium: $45/gram, $1,270/ounce

This Rhodium cube looks wonderful, but the substance itself is used in the making of three-way catalytic converters – you know, those that reduce carbon emissions in automobiles, at least in theory. It isn’t cheap, which explains a lot.

14. Platinum: $48/gram, $1,365/ounce

Platinum: $48/gram, $1,365/ounce

Besides making it to the Rock’Roll Hall of Fame, platinum is also found in jewelry, as a catalyst in a variety of experiments and scientific processes and as strange as it may sound, it is an ingredient in some anti-cancer medications. Who knew?

13. Rhino horn: $55/gram, $25,000/pound

Rhino horn: $55/gram, $25,000/pound

Rhinos are on the endangered list, and this particular item isn’t what you’d call legal to procure. The value is determined by the idea that rhino horn can cure cancer; I’m not the one to say if that’s true or not, but I think we can find better ways of treating ourselves.

12. Creme de la Mer: $70/gram, $2,000/ounce

Creme de la Mer: $70/gram, $2,000/ounce

$2,000 for this cosmetic product. Why? Well, the makers insist that it will supposedly reverses the skin’s aging process thanks to fermented kelp. Although a NASA physicist originally developed it to treat burns, this beauty product is now popular among the women. I guess aging is cheaper.

11. Heroin: $110/gram

Heroin: $110/gram

Heroin destroys lives, every day and every year; but it still remains popular. Heroin is an opiate and can be smoked, snorted, or injected in order to enjoy an euphoric high. It will, however, result in convulsions, comas, and death. Way to expensive to die!

10. Methamphetamine: $120/gram, $1,600/ounce

Methamphetamine: $120/gram, $1,600/ounce

Another euphoria-causing drug is meth, way more addictive and popular than heroin – and more expensive. Cooks often manufacture this drug using common ingredients in informal “labs.” Better stay away, kids!

9. Crack Cocaine: Up to $600/gram

Crack Cocaine: Up to $600/gram

Crack is another highly addictive and dangerous drug; it is derived from cocaine and will cost you a pretty penny. I guess you can find other ways to spend your hard earned money, right?

8. LSD: $3,000/gram

LSD: $3,000/gram

Short for “lysergic acid diethylamide” and also known as “acid,” this drug was made popular by Timothy Leary and the hippie movement of the 1960s. However, this drug – which causes visual hallucinations – was also tested on the soldier, by the military. No one knows why.

7. Plutonium: $4,000/gram

Plutonium: $4,000/gram

There are several kinds of radioactive plutonium, each with half-lives raging from 88 years to 80 million years. Nuclear power demands the use of plutonium, as well as certain spacecrafts and weapons. This one is solely for the purpose of destruction, if you ask me.

6. Taaffeite: $2,500 to $20,000 per carat

Taaffeite: $2,500 to $20,000 per carat

This gem ranges from a delicate pale pink to a deep mauve. Taaffeite is one million times more rare than diamonds, and mostly found on the floodplains of Sri Lanka. It’s used exclusively in jewelry and probably the best Christmas present ever.

5. Tritium: $30,000/gram

Tritium: $30,000/gram

Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, used for the self-lighting exit signs found in pretty much every public space. With 2 million “EXIT” signs in place around the US, you can do the math yourselves.

4. Diamonds: $13,000/carat, $65,000/gram

Diamonds: $13,000/carat, $65,000/gram

Diamonds are famous for being a girl’s best friend, but are also extremely tough; which is why diamonds are also used in the industry as cutting and grinding tools. Which basically means men can have diamonds as well.

3. Painite: $300,000 – $600,000 per carat

Painite: $300,000 - $600,000 per carat

Gemologists believe painite to be the rarest stone on the planet. I’m in the dark here, but this deep pink or brown piece of rock was named after Arthur C.D. Pain who discovered it in northern Myanmar during the 1950s. At that price, no wonder I haven’t heard about it.

2. Californium-252: $27 million/gram

Californium-252: $27 million/gram

The Californium isotope is used during the detection of other materials, through a process called neutron activation. It can locate gold and silver ores, and even oil and water levels in oil wells. What’s next?

1. Antimatter: $100 trillion per gram

Antimatter: $100 trillion per gram

Well, this is straight out of Mr. Stark’s lab. Antimatter is a Sci-Fi notion, but the main idea around it is that it would serve as a fuel for long-distance space travel. I don’t know, I never traveled aboard the Starship Enterprise. At these prices, I never will.

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