15 Incredibly Cute Baby Animals

I love animals, but juston TV. That way, I can admire and praise their cuteness, but don’t have to worry about feeding them, cleaning up after them or taking them to the vet. Kittens, puppies, piglets and bear cubs are all on the top of of our list of the cutest baby animals in the world, ever. I mean, you’ve seen al those Social Media updates, photos and posts; they’re filled with such precious moments. But what about the less commonly appreciated animals? You know, the ones you lear at a young age to fear, to keep out for and never ever try to feed them.

Even the oddest-looking animals can be surprisingly cute; and, to prove just that, I give you the 15 cutest baby animals. Enjoy!

15. Pangolin


This little African cutie has scales that are made of keratin, just like our hair. There are three different species of the pangolin, and they are all just as adorable. They’re said to have magical properties, and as a result are often captured and killed for ritualistic practices. Some even want them as pets, but please remember that they’re not meant to be domesticated.

14. Owston’s Civet

Owston’s Civet

The Owston’s Civet lives in the forests of Vietnam. It uses its long snout to burrow for food and spends a lot of its time sleeping. The baby Civet weighs only 88 grams whe nit’s born. Like many other animals, loss of habitat is a major problem for the Owston’s Civet

13. Dhole Puppy

Dhole Puppy

These adorable dogs live in Eastern and Southern Asia. They resemble a cross between a wolf and a fox, although they don’tt fit into either category completely. The females of the pack can produce up to 12 pups at a time, which makes them even more unusual. They’re so cute I’m gonna die!

12. Dik-Dik


When fully grown, a Dik-Dik is only a foot tall at the shoulder. These are small antelope which frequent the African savannah. To keep safe from African predators, they use their great eyesight and speed to outrun many predators. Their fur also acts as very effective camouflage.

11. Sloth


The sloth produces surprisingly adorable babies. Sloths are of course the slowest moving mamma, and baby sloths are starting to get a bit more credit in recent years, as videos of baby sloths in zoos become online favourites. Anyone thinking about Sid?

10. Skunk


People typically think that skunks are the worst. and many will not hesitate to try to remove skunks from their property. Although they produce a strong smelling odor, it’s possible to remove their scent glands and keep them as pets. Once you see a baby skunk, you will understand.

9. Beaver


The beaver is one of Canada’s most iconic animals. The baby beaver, or kit, stays with its mother for a few years after birth. It is tiny and covered in a thick brown coat, which helps it stay warm.

8.  Hyena


Most of us are familiar with hyenas thanks to the Lion King – not good. Hyenas do scavenge and kill, and the full grown hyena is not particularly cute, the baby hyena certainly is. That moment when you just can’t help goi “awwww”.

7. Beluga


Residing in the chilly arctic and subarctic waters, beluga whales are quite rare on the eyes. The easiest way to see them, of course, is at the local aquarium. The babies are usually a darker grey in colour, but mature to be a brilliant white. Their black eyes and rounded, super-shiney bodies make these babies especially adorable.

6. Echidnas


The Echidna is not very well known. It is one of the only mammals to lay eggs. These little creatures are born completely pink and smooth, but later develop spikes all over their bodies. Even their name is cute: The baby Echidna is called a Puggle.

5. Sea Otter

Sea Otter

Everyone has seen sea otters before, either online or in person. But not very many have seen baby otters. They are just as adorable as can be. The cutest aspect of these pups is that they actually ride on their mother’s chest until they are two months old.

4. Hedgehog


There are many different varieties of hedgehogs worldwide. They forage for food and even make noises similar to a pig. They are also popular pets, and when born resemble pink erasers, but quickly grow into fuzzy, spiny little creatures. Cuteness overload!

3. Bush Baby

Bush Baby

Bush Babies are a type of monkey that lives in central Africa. Nocturnal by nature, they are quite rare to see in the wild. These little creatures live in the trees, and for the first month, the wide-eyed babies are carried in their mothers’ mouth.

2. Sugar Glider

Sugar Glider

The sugar glider is sure to top the list. Found in the wilderness of Australia, the little marsupials are related to the kangaroo and koala. Recently, they have been bred as pets and do remarkably well in domestic environments.

1. Spotted Genet

 Spotted Genet

One of the cutest wild animals around, the Spotted Genet lives in Southern Africa and has been known to become quite tame around humans. This is dangerous for the Genet and its future, however – poachers will kill mothers and take the kittens for a profit.

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