15 Insane and Unique Table Designs

Nowadays, most people forget tables still exist; we eat in front of the TV, on the floor, on the couch or just standing up. I guess there’s something intimate about enjoying a lovely dinner with your family or close ones, all together and talking about all those little things happening every day. But what if the table is the subject of your conversation, and even more expensive or cool than your house? Most tables are made of wood and just plain boring. However, this awesome list will offer you with some different alternatives; forget about practicality and enjoy the designs!

15. Natural rock

Natural rock

14. Wood and Glass

Wood and Glass

13. Seaside design

Seaside design

12. Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

11. Artwork


10. Chocolate Flavour

Chocolate Flavour

9. Nature Inspired

Nature Inspired

8. Hang Around

Hang Around

7. Airplane Engine

Airplane Engine

6. Micro-climate


5. Barbie TableBarbie Table

4. Rock TableRock Table

3. Metal Infusion

Metal Infusion

2. Cubism


1. Tree Table

Tree Table

Modern table design

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