15 Most Dangerous Trips To School Around The World

How do you get to school each day? I guess the yellow school-bus is a classic by now, and so have become your folkds talking you to school or driving yourself in your newly bought ride. It’s all good, and normal in a civilized society, although kids these days don’t really appreciate the prvilege of benefitting from a proper education and probably take everything for granted. School is important all over the world, including areas where paved roads and public transportation do not exist. What if it took you 5 hours to travel to school each way, and you had to go over dangerous bridges or terrain to get there? Here are 15 of the most dangerous and unusual journeys some kids take in order to keep up with that homework.

1. Zhang Jiawan Village, Southern China 

Children here must climb up unsecured wooden ladders in order to reach school. How’s that for a tough day?

2. Gula, China

Children must travel along a narrow path that measures only 1 foot wide for 5-hours in order to attend a remote school in Gula, China. I guess excuses like “the dog ate my homework” are a bit trivial over there.

3. Zanskar, Indian Himalayas 

Kids have to be good at hiking to make it to school tucked away in the Himalayas. But since it’s a boarding school, at least they don’t have to make the exhausting trip often. One time is too much.

4. Lebak, Indonesia 

Children walk, or rather climb, across a damaged suspension bridge to get to school. Good news is that PT Krakutau Steel, Indonesia’s largest producer of steel, stepped in and built a beautiful new bridge.

5. Rio Negro River, Columbia 

Children glide accross an 800 m steel cable hitched 400 m off the ground. There’s your future actio-movie star, right there.

6. Sri Lanka 

A group of schoolgirls use a thin plank as a bridge to cross The 16th century Galle Fort located in the heart of Sri Lanka. Short as it may be, that trip is dangerous.

7. Riau, Indonesia 

Imagine taking a canoe to school; this is real life for students in Riau. It may look like fun, but I bet it isn’t.

8. India

The roots of this giant tree have created the most beautiful of natural bridges. Thanks to this act of nature, these children have a pathway to school.

9. Beldanga, India 

Children on a “Tuktuk” travel to school with backpacks in tow. And, they’re still smiling; talk about courage.

10. Pili, China 

While this may look like the most difficult part of the journey, it is only one small stretch of the total 125-mile journey these children make through the mountains on their way to boarding school. I get goose-bumps just by looking at the picture.

11. Delhi, India

These children rely on a bus with a lot of horse power to reach their destination. Getting late has never been easier.

12. Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia 

These children are educated and trained for the circus. Bad jokes aside, these kids must scale across a tightrope suspended 30 feet above a river to reach the classes in time.

13. Myanmar

Forget about riding the bus, this little girl rides her bull to school! Hey, it beats traffic, right?

14. Sichuan Province, China 

Even in the frigid snowy weather a broken bridge must make do if this little girl, bundled up in pink, wants to make it to school. Respect!

15. Kerala, India 

Boating to school sounds like a nice way to start and end your day, but I hope these kids are excused from Physical Education. They get enough of that on the way in – and out – of school.

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