15 Odd Buildings

Now, I’m not sure how much you drank during the holidays, but this time it’s really not your fault. You’re not hallucinating, and the monitor is not damaged in any way, nor is your retina. These not-photoshopped houses are simply odd projects coming from some very imaginative people. Feel free to check them out!

15. Terfens, Austria

Terfens, Austria

This upside down house was built by Polish architects Irek Glowacki and Marek Rozanski. Going to the bathroom must be a pain.

14. Rotterdam and Helmond, Netherlands

Rotterdam and Helmond, Netherlands

Called “Kubuswoningen”, these homes look totally insane but are actually brilliant. The result is high-density housing that’s fun to look at.

13. Ganghwa Island, Korea

Ganghwa Island, Korea

This Korean cafe is so cute, it wants to hug itself. This curious house was built by former clothing designer, 51-year-old Jeon Yong-sun. What do you think?

12. Malmo, Sweden

Malmo, Sweden

Built by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, this twisted 54 story residential building features 147 apartments, a relax/lounge/spa, wine cellar, and around-the-clock concierge service 365 days a year. Not bad!

11. South Korea

South Korea

The Leaning House is positioned on a hilly site close to Chungpyong Lake. The designing architects decided to tilt it as a way to maximize exposure to southern sunlight. I guess oddity can have a purpose.

10. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Co-designer Frank Gehry originally named the house Fred and Ginger because the house resembles a pair of dancers. Does it?

9. Wolverhampton, England

Wolverhampton, England

This off-kilter pub was built on top of land being mined for coal. When the mine owner extracted to much, causing the ground to sink, the building got permanently crunk. I guess it’s a little bit ironic.

8. Sopot, Poland

Sopot, Poland

Krzywy Domek means Crazy House in Polish, which is quite appropriate for a building that looks like it got stuck in a fun house mirror. I feel like adjusting my eyes, a little.

7. Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

Called Capital Gate, this building holds the Guinness record for world’s “furthest leaning man-made tower.” And no, it was no accident.

6. Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

This building houses the Business School at Sydney’s University of Technology. The architect said he was inspired by the way that artists use folds to explore color, form and shadow.

5. Windsor, England

Windsor, England

According to Wikipedia, there is a secret passage in the basement, probably used for delivering produce from the market to the kitchens of Windsor Castle. I’m not sure I’d want to use it.

4. Margate in Kent, UK

Margate in Kent, UK

Created by British artist and designer Alex Chinneck, this sloppy building tricks the viewer into thinking the facade of a four-story house has slid down, exposing the upper floor to the elements. Strange, right?

3. Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Remember how Dorothy’s house killed the witch? Here’s where you might find her body.

2. San Diego, Californa

San Diego, Californa

This house can be found dangling off the side of Jacobs Hall at the University of California San Diego. It was the 18th addition to the school’s Stuart Collection. Any thoughts?

1. Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada

This 25-ft tall, aluminum framed, red glass shingled “church” lives in a park in Calgary, Alberta. I refuse to comment on this one, or its purpose.

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