15 Odd Flowers Around The World

I’ve seen quite a few Sci-Fi movies in my time, and some pretty unique scenery. Sure, humans have got a vivid imagination, but no one and nothing can beat nature at its own game. If you’re thinking flowers, for example, this is the kind of thing you’d expect to greet you upon landing on a distant planet – travelling via Virgin Atlantic is out of the question for now, for obvious reasons. However, the interesting species featured on this list are all natives of Earth. Prepare to be amazed!

15. Chinese Lantern

Chinese Lantern

The Chinese Lantern is an elegant shrub that erupts into a beautiful lantern shape as it flowers. I’m not sure the name is quite the most suitable one.

14. Corpse Flower

Corpse Flower

The Corpse Flower blooms only once or twice a decade – anyne remember that scene from Dennis the Menace? Its unique smell is similar to rotting flesh, and attracts flies which it uses as pollinators.

13. Flying Duck

Flying Duck

The flying duck orchid is a flower that, well, looks just as the name suggests.I wonder if Donals would agree..

12. Baloon Flower

Baloon Flower

True to the name, the buds of the Balloon flower pop open as they flower, transforming into magnificent plants. Beautiful.

11. Aquilegia Columbine Magpie

Aquilegia Columbine Magpie

I’m not sure what oyu see here, aside from a beautifukl flower; but I feel terrified by this spider-looking purple plant. I guess I’m just weird that way.

10. Parrot Flower

Parrot Flower

Found only within a few areas in Thailand, Burma and India, the Parrot Flower is famous amongst botanists for looking like the feathered creature.

9. Primula ‘Zebra Blue

Primula 'Zebra Blue

Primula ‘Zebra Blue’ is a strange, zebra patterned plant. I guess whoever named it wasn’t very original.

8. Moonflower


this one is prety obvious – pretty being the word most important here. This oddly shaped flower is simply mesmerizing.

7. Passion Flower

Passion Flower

Passion flowers are found in the USA and Asia. The flowers are magnificently beautiful, which should explain why they are a favourite for Hummingbirds.

6. Ghost Orchid

Ghost Orchid

If there’s one flower capable of giving you nightmares, it’s the Ghost orchid. The Ghost Buster might have ignored this one, but the endangered plant looks like somethingout of a horror movie and unsurprisingly, has inspired several books.

5. Jade Vine

Jade Vine

The magnificent Jade Vine looks almost like a colorful bunch of bananas. These fleshy pods are native only to the Philippines and seem to be the perfect od decorating an alien scenery.

4. Lady Slippers

Lady Slippers

Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers look as though you could slide your foot right in and wear them as shoes. I guess small children around those parts don’t spend much on shoes.

3. Parrot’s Beak

Parrot's Beak

Parrot’s beak grows bold claw-like flowers in fiery shades of orange, red and yellow. Don’ worry, it will not hurt you.

2. Tricyrtis hirta

Tricyrtis hirta

Tricyrtis hirta has tentacle-like whiskers growing from the flower, making it look like something you’d find on an alien planet. Usually, the most beautiful flowers are also the most dangerous.

1. Fritillaria


The Fritillaria is known as the Chess flower because its flower resembles a playing board. Your move!

Beautiful and Strange Flowers

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