15 Pieces of Street Art

While some graffiti may be meant to be destructive and disrupt the environment, others see it as a positive and cultural force. You can find many beautiful murals all around the world that look like they could be hanging in art galleries. But I guess you have to take a look by yourselves; so, here are 15 pieces of street art that cleverly interact with their surroundings. Check it out!

1. Face of the City, Toronto, Canada

Face of the City, Toronto, Canada

This work of fantastic street art is part of artist Dan Bergeron’s “Face of The City” series, which incorporates the texture of walls into faces.

2. The Legend of Giants, Bialystok, Poland

The Legend of Giants, Bialystok, Poland

A mural by Polish artist Natalia Rak that seamlessly incorporates the tree into the art work. I love the message!

3. World Going Down The Drain, Spain

World Going Down The Drain, Spain

This piece certainly makes it look like the world is literally going down the drain. I guess it’s sad, but true.

4. Calvin & Hobbes, France

Calvin & Hobbes, France

Popular comic strip characters Calvin and Hobbes appear to be sliding down a hand rail in France. Someone was in a good mood.

5. Satellite Dishes, Birmingham, UK

Satellite Dishes, Birmingham, UK

Inventive street art that turns average satellites into a wonderful work of art. How long did that take?

6. Bruce Lee, Saint, Etienne, France

Bruce Lee, Saint, Etienne, France

A broken frame is taken to new heights with the addition of Bruce Lee. Love this one!

7. Sluggo On The Street

Sluggo On The Street

Street artist David Zinn adds a helpful slug-like character to a leaf covered street. Everyone, get to work!

8. UK Flags, London, UK

UK Flags, London, UK

In this piece of street art, a child appears to be sewing together the flags that adorn the wall. I’m not touching that one!

9. Pom Pom Girl

Pom Pom Girl

Artist Sandrine Boulet uses two tufts of grass to serve as pom-poms for her cheerleader. Nice one.

10. Cigarro


In this picture, your average piece of street is amazingly turned into a smoking figure. Light him!

11. La Caravane Passe, France

La Caravane Passe, France

A line of camels walk along a crack in the wall that looks like mounds of desert sand. Now, that was imaginative.

12. Girl, George Town, Malaysia

Girl, George Town, Malaysia

Artist Ernest Zacharevic painted this wall mural of a girl supported by the two windows. Don’t fall down, now.

13. Bird, Athens, Greece

Bird, Athens, Greece

This painting uses the surrounding greenery to make the green bird look even more striking. Beautiful.

14. Seeder, Kaunas, Lithuania

Pieces of Impossible 3D Street Art

This sculpture of a seeder gets a stunning added effect at night.

15. Lost Eye, France

Lost Eye, France

A  splash of red paint makes this piece of stone cringe-worthy. Someone was getting bored.

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