15 Superb Outdoor Pianos Around The World

Given the chance, would you play this gorgeous piano left out in the center of a public space? I bet you would; I wouldn’t, ’cause I don’t know how to play. But I’d join you in a jam with my drum-set or electric guitar, that’s for sure! Luke Jarram is a British artist responsible for adding a number of pianos to public spaces, all in hopes of bringing people together.

Luke started his project, “Play me, I’m yours” in Birmingham, UK, back in 2008. The project began with the addition of 15 pianos dispersed throughout the city for a period of three weeks. Immediately his project proved a hit success, with over 140,000 people playing the pianos or enjoying listening to others play.

So, what’s it gonna be: Jazz, Pop, or simply funky improvisations on the piano?

1. Cobourg, Canada, 2014

Cobourg, Canada, 2014

2. Kiev, Ukraine, 2014

Kiev, Ukraine, 2014

3. Toronto, Canada, 2014

Toronto, Canada, 2014

4. Boston, USA, 2013

Boston, USA, 2013

5. New York, USA, 2010

New York, USA, 2010

6. Melbourne, Australia, 2014

Melbourne, Australia, 2014

7. Denver, USA, 2011

Denver, USA, 2011

8. Colorado, USA, 2012

Colorado, USA, 2012

9. Boston, USA, 2013

Boston, USA, 2013

10. Denver, USA, 2011

Denver, USA, 2011

11. Seattle, Washington, 2012

Seattle, Washington, 2012

12. Paris, France, 2012

Paris, France, 2012

13. Cambridge, UK, 2012

Cambridge, UK, 2012

14. Boston, USA, 2013

Boston, USA, 2013

15. Paris, France, 2013

Paris, France, 2013


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