15 Tiny Gadgets To Get

It seems size does matter, and while women will never admit to that – or, those who do will mention everything bit is up their alley – there something about small objects that fascinates us. I mean, look at cars, technology, and even home: the smaller, the better. Would you trust a small, but handy gadget? Take a look at these particular ones and tell us if you’re impressed.

15. Zippo Handwarmer

Zippo Handwarmer

I’m guessing we all need a heat source when our fingers freeze, but what if it both reliable and beautiful? Zippo will take good care of you, with this odorless catalytic warmer that will keep you breathing’ for up to 12 hours. That’s nice.

14. Multitool Ring

Multitool Ring

Who came up with this one? I love me a Swiss Army Knife, but this is ridiculous. This is a titanium ring that somehow hides a bottle opener, straight blade, serrated blade, saw, and a comb that’s perfect for taming mustaches and beards – or, your pet rat.

13. Cardsharp Knife

Cardsharp Knife

Knives come in handy in all sorts of situations, but no one wants to carry a heavy blade. This tool comes in the size and shape of a credit card, and includes a rust-free stainless steel surgical blade that can cut through just about anything. That might come in handy!

12. Treasure Wheels

Treasure Wheels

Treasure Wheels are a miniature version of the mover’s dolly. A pair of attachable braces with wheels will prove useful when you’re busy moving furniture around the house, and no one is around to help. I’m guessing this will definitely make the mother-in-law act cooler.

11. Pocket Turntables

Pocket Turntables

Two touch control panels with LCDs which can operate two different sounds simultaneously, and a central mini mixing desk that allows you to mix tracks and lay special filters. All of that fits in your pocket and doesn’t require no computer or outside power source. What else is there to say?

10. Dash A Speaker

Dash A Speaker

It’s fun watching movies on the run, but the crappy sound is killing me. This Bluetooth sound-bar from Soundmatters delivers big, wireless sound while keeping it small. Anyone know a nice movie?

9. Cigarette Lighter Stun Gun

Cigarette Lighter Stun Gun

I don’t smoke, but this seems like a good way to keep safe. This strange combination might prove useful; this gadget may be used to light a smoke, or just keep them robbers off of you. Please be careful not to mix those two.

8. Faceflash Drive

Faceflash Drive

This flash drive was designed by Sang Hyun Jeong, and it integrates memory, a retractable output, two tiny LED lights and a rechargeable battery. The flashlight function is a nice bonus. This cute little thing is on my list!

7. World’s Tiniest Night Vision Camera

World's Tiniest Night Vision Camera

If you can’t sleep at night and want to find out what’s crawling through the neighborhood, this gadget is the one for you. The Chobi Cam will assist you in your efforts without drawin attention to yourself.

6. Socialmatic Camera

Socialmatic Camera

I’m not a smartphone owner or addict, but I might be an Instagram addict, so this gadget should help. Developed in partnership with Polaroid, the Socialmatic allows users to share the photos they take on social networks, while also printing out physical versions like a standard instant camera. Awesome!

5. StickNFind


Always losing your keys? Not me, but if you’re having such memory problems this tiny gadget can help you. StickNFind is the size of a quarter affixes to just about anything you want to keep track of, and its app will aid you in finding your lost possession. You even get an alert if you’re ever separated by more than 100 feet. How about that!

4. Epic Keyboard

Epic Keyboard

Why weigh yourself down with a full size laptop when you could just pop the Epic into your pocket? I had a flexible keyboard to help me on the move, but this looks way better. This amazing Bluetooth-enabled gadget connects to your phone or tablet, and instantly projects a fixed keyboard onto any flat and opaque surface. Bloody marvelous!

3. Miniwiz Wind Turbine

Miniwiz Wind Turbine

Keeping essential devices charged is something to worry about these days, but the Miniwiz has got that covered. This ingenious pocket-sized wind turbine will power up anything once you place it against a strong wind. Furthermore, if the fan blades turn green you know it’s storing free energy for later use! Perfect!

2. Alcohoot


Don’t drink and drive! Now that that’s clear, This small breathalyzer will tell you if you’re worthy of some serious sanctions. It uses an FDA-registered fuel cell sensor, the same technology used by police and military devices. Once you plug it into your phone’s headphone jack, you’re all set; oh, and the app helps you track your drinking habit – just in cae you were worrying about your liver.

1. Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

More useful than any other gadget on our list. The city of Las Pinas partnered with design agency DM9 JaymeSyfu and developed a pocket-sized fire extinguisher that costs only $1. Feel free to think about all those situations this would come handy in.

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