17 Creative Rings

Truly unique jewelry isn’t always easy to come by, and guys only realize that when they’re shopping for engagement rings. However, their job is made easier, and their culture improved, by the Internet; it enables us to have more access than ever to really awesome rings, necklaces, pendants and beyond. I sometimes spend time looking for unique designs, and I just found one today. If you are planning on adding something to your collection, or just make someone’s day a bit better. check out these 17 creative rings!

1. Mouse Ring 

The seller, authfashion, makes a number of creative rings featuring giraffes, elephants, and puppies too! Although, I’m really not aware of the purpose or inspiration behind them.

2. Projector Ring 

If you are a tech junkie, this ring with projection powers will surly get you excited. I’m thinking even Batman would love one of these.

3. Fox Ring 

Foxy lady will probably enjoy this one more than others. But I do admit it looks kind of stylish.

4. Alice In Wonderland Ring Collection 

If you are a big fan of fairytales, nothing compares to the exquisite nature of these rings crafted as a partner project between Disney and Brazilian brand H. Stern.

5. Raw Crystal Ring

This beautiful ring sold by Canadian-based Etsy shop Specimental has a price tag reaching nearly $300, but I think it’s worth every penny.

6. Scrabble Ring 

This custom made ring is currently listed for $380, and seems like one sure way of keeping busy while alone on the tube, or the bus.

7. Ring With A Hidden Message

Hidden message rings made by Jungyun Yoon can be personalized to say whatever you desire. I don’t know if it hurts wearing them, though.

8. Origami Crane Ring 

This origami ring is beautiful, as well as affordable. It has a unique and minimalist charm to it, that makes it irresistible.

9. Real Flower Ring 

RubyRobinBoutique makes a host of incredible jewelry that includes real flower details unlike anything else in your jewelry armoire. It kind of reminds me of Jurrasic Park and that ember cane

10. Ring Says I LOVE YOU Written in Braille 

It’s stylish, it’s beautiful and no one else will know what it means. I love it, although it’s sad that blind people can’t see it.

11. Nut and Bolt Wedding Ring 

These unique 24k gold plated wedding bands provide a rather fitting way to say “I do.” I wish I’d found it before I did all that marry me scene.

12. Cut Fingers Ring 

This wild ring designed by Raul Souza might only be appropriate on Halloween, especially if you plan to add in the fake blood! I guess you could have a good laugh at the office, as well.

13. Skeleton Hand Ring 

Go big or go home, with this all out skeleton hand ring. This ring is currently listed for $32 and I can’t believe how imaginative the designers were.

14. Antler Ring 

This pretty and unique handmade sterling silver ring is perfect for the holidays, or any time of year. I’m not sure what it’s meant to inspire, but I think it’s damn cute.

15. Dragon Ring 

Dragon lovers, feast your eyes on this awesome design. Fun fact: I’m a Dragon, according to the Chinese horoscope.

16. Landscape Wooden Ring 

The perfect holiday ring to go with your ugly Christmas sweater! You can purchase this ring and many other fun designs by Clive Roddy through his online shop. I guess Santa’s wife deserves a present, as well.

17. Pac Man Ring 

This thing is seriously adorable, even if you are not obsessed with Pac Man. And, if you are – even better. I wonder if there’s one with ghosts, as well?

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